My Wrestlemania XXVI Review : Part Three

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My Wrestlemania XXVI Review : Part Three
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John Cena defeats Batista for the WWE Title in 13mins 30secs:

The match: This match was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. Did I see Cena execute a grapple on the mat or was I hallucinating? The crowd seemed into it with Cena getting the biggest reaction - cheers and boos - as usual.

The Outcome: Very predictable and a shame to be honest. Batista was great as champ and he shouldn't have dropped the belt last night.

Reasons for outcome: Because it was a title match at Wrestlemania involving John Cena.

Where to from here: We'll more than likely see at least one more match between these two in the next few months. I wouldn't rule out another swift and pointless title change possibly with Swagger as the beneficiary.

Match Rating : 7.5/10 

The Hart Family defeat Vince McMahon in 11mins 08secs:

The Match: First off, why were all the Harts involved? There was no need for them to be out there. It should've been settled between VKM and Bret. I lost all interest in the match after the first 30 seconds. And, it wasn't even a match. It was like VKM was handcuffed or paralysed because he got no offense in at all. A real letdown. Talk about not living up to its hype.

The Outcome: WWE had no other choice but to let Bret win.

Reasons for Outcome: To publicly bury The Montreal hatchet.

Where to from here: For Bret, I'd say it's back to Canada after the tour and it looks like a break from tv for Vince. We probably won't see him on tv until The Rock returns this summer.

Match Rating: 4/10

Thanks for reading. Part four features The MITB Ladder Match and Edge vs Y2J. Leave your comments below.

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