My Wrestlemania XXVI Review : Part Two

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My Wrestlemania XXVI Review : Part Two
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Heel Divas defeat the Babyface Divas in 3mins 21 secs:

The match: Simply a travesty. It had botched finishers, a botched finish and a very poor structure. Trish Stratus, Lita and the REAL divas must be fuming.

Outcome:A heel victory for a change but that's the best that I can say about that.

Reasons for the outcome: Decided by heads or tails.

Where to from here: an early grave.

Match Rating : 1/10


Showmiz defeat R-Truth and Morrisson in 3mins 24secs:

The match:Another travesty. I think its disgraceful the lack of time awarded to this match. JoMo and the Miz on Raw last week garnered more interest from the crowd.

Outcome:A result I did not see coming. I don't see why you would keep the Miz held down in the tag division, but then again, why keep JoMo there either?

Reasons for Outcome: I have no idea other than the fact that it keeps The Big Show in a storyline.

Where to from here:I can see the Hart Dynasty getting the gold in the near future with Showmiz and Kingston in a US Title feud. I think JoMo will finally get a meaningful main event feud and R-Truth will be in the IC Title hunt.

Match Rating: 4/10


Rey Mysterio defeats CM Punk in 6mins 25secs:

The match: Started quite slow. Took a minute of two to get going. Some nice counters here and there.

Outcome:Surprising really. I can't see what it achieves really as Rey has no need to continue his programme with SES now.

Reasons for outcome: I suppose to keep the children happy.

Where to from here:I have absolutely no idea where they are going to take these men from here. As I said, with Rey winning there is no need to have Punk and Mysterio involved with each other anymore. Only time will tell.

Match Rating: 5/10 


Part Three features the WWE Title bout and Bret Hart vs VKM. Thanks for reading, leave your comments below.


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