Is 12-0 Good Enough? NO!

Fred RaumerContributor IMarch 28, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - SEPTEMBER 24:  Tony Brinkhaus #77 of Minnesota celebrates with his teammates as they leave the field after their 42-35 double overtime win against Purdue on September 24, 2005 at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

A fantastic schedule is lined up for Gopher fans for the next few years thanks to Coach Brewster and Joel Maturi.  Recent national powers, geographic balance to aid recruiting, and regional competition for local fans!  But even if the Gophers go 12-0 in any given year is that enough to satisfy the gloomy day believers and "I hate this and that!" purveyors?  No.  There are so many out there that have bought in to the culture of losing and negativity.

Why is this attitude so popular among the vocal minority of fans, press, and broadcasters?  Perhaps it is the sense of situational and responsibility avoidance that blinds some people to the level of effort that it takes to be successful in today’s world.  The ability to project themselves and their thoughts, in a positive way, into a functional and goal oriented environment is not within their grasp.

Situational avoidance in that they are ignorant of the genesis of the growth and change in the football operations, recruiting, activities, and rules compliance.  They lose sight of the fact that they are dealing with a group of young adults that are just as mistake prone as any other young adult.  But these young adults are not transfixed in video games or a self-centered world that has infected so many young adults.  The student athlete is a special breed that has made the choice to commit their God given talent to something beyond their individual horizon.  The people that have situational avoidance typically do not even look at their own pathetic circumstance.  The thought of contributing in a positive way to others or to something larger than themselves is a foreign concept.  What if every aspect of their lives, attitudes, and job performance were constantly under scrutiny and criticism?  Would they mentally hold up and be as successful as Coach Brewster and Joel Maturi have been?  Would their job performance actually improve the way theirs has?  Get real!

We are in an age where no one is “responsible" for their own actions and the consequences of their actions.  One only has to look at Rich Rodriguez at Michigan and the Michigan State contrast to Michigan, and the goat rodeo at Oregon to understand what I mean.  The Oregon coach has turned a blind eye to character and off field issues.  Not so at Minnesota!  Coach Brewster and Joel Maturi have the raised the bar at Minnesota and the players and other coaches know it.  They step up every day and walk the walk.  Compare the 'pool' of prospects this year to any other previous year of any other Minnesota coaching staff.  Incredible!  Ever stop to consider what it is that high school coaches, players, and analysts see that local mud slingers don't see?  The Gopher coaching staff has accepted the responsibility of improving the abilities and prospects of current and future players; and they are delivering.  How many people do you know that have made the choice to be responsible for the growth and welfare of so many young adults?  The Gopher coaching staff and Joel Maturi should be commended and respected for the great job that they have done and are doing.

So the question remains.  Would going 12 - 0 be good enough for the losers and negative bystanders?  Probably not.  The Gophers have been competitive in almost every game that they have played.  The prospects for the next few seasons are brighter even if it is against harder opponents.  Continued improvement is probable, not improbable.  The depth, athleticism, and speed of the team have dramatically improved and the course is set for continued improvement.  Is 12 - 0 likely?  Probably not.  Is 12 - 0 possible?  Could be. Who among you is willing to step up and help see what can be?