Oscar For Best Actor Goes To Andre "Matrix " Dirrell

Victor Omo - AgegeContributor IMarch 28, 2010


Its been a couple of tough weeks for die hard fight fans . There have been no really good fights on lately.Counting down the days for a quality fight like Mayweather vs. Mosley in a couple of weeks has been my latest pastime , especially if were you a sucker like me that doled out fifty bucks for the Pacquiao/Clottey sparring session.

However the Dirrell - Abraham fight turned out to be a dandy . I was first shocked by Dirrell guts as he became the aggressor, boxed beautifully, countered magnificently and dictated the fight through the 10 rounds .

As expected Arthur Abraham was going to come on in the late rounds . Abraham lived up to the expectations , coming on very strong in the latter rounds.

Going into the eleventh round Arthur Abraham may have won one or two rounds. It was clear he needed a knockout to get a victory . I also sensed a momentum shift in the latter portion of the 10th round , Dirrell had began to take more power shots from Abraham . 

I was impressed with Dirrell foot work and sharp reflexes . He used these attributes to escape from a lot of Abrahams power shots . Direll started holding a lot late in 10th round. I wish a lot of young fighters can learn the art of buying time by holding and fighting , by watching tapes of the legendary Bernard Hopkins.

The bottom line was Andre " Matrix " Dirrell had done the impossible in front of his home crowd . He had conducted a sweet science exhibition clinic in front of millions of the viewing boxing public and he had six more minutes to outlast a beaten but desperate European power puncher.

Six minutes turned into an ugly movie . Dirrell did not look to have all his wits going into the eleventh round , he however slipped and fell onto the canvas in the ring. Arthur Abraham committed the unfathomable sin of hitting Andre Direll when he was clearly down.

The punch from the television angles did not look that devastating , but Andre Direll then started to jerk like a convulsing chicken on the ring floor. The successive  minutes show Andre not in recognition of his whereabouts  or knowledge of if he even won the fight . In my opinion it was flopping and acting at its best..aka Reggie Miller and Vlade Divac.

In Andres defense the punches you don't see hurt the most , if he was truly hurt my apologies are in order. However, boxing is a game of strategy .

When Arthur Abraham punched a defenseless Andre Direll in the eleventh round he got the way out he subliminally was looking for after a rough night in Detroit . How Andre reacted to the punch is irrelevant, it had to be called a DQ any way...and in selling the DQ it was a good boxing and business move for the MATRIX ....Coming soonto a theatre near you  "Dirrell vs Abraham #2".....and the Oscar for best acting goes to Andre Direll.