Luke's Detailed Wrestlemania 26 Predictions

Luke Adamson@@RealLukeAdamsonCorrespondent IIMarch 27, 2010

The biggest Wrestling event on the planet is just days away. This Wrestlemania has been built up to epic proportions as is usual by the WWE, but the thing is that this year (unlike last year) it could well live up to the hype.

We have three potential show stealing matches, a 10-man ladder match, two grudge matches and more. As I always say though, no matter how good it looks on paper, it needs to be booked properly to work and that is the major fear to us fans. WWE need to make sure the right people win the right matches, which is why I shall give two predictions for each match. 

These will be who should win and who will win, two very different entities in the world of wrestling. I shall also order my predictions in what I think should be the order of matches on the show.

But if this event is booked properly, there is no reason why it shouldn't go down as the greatest Wrestlemania in history.

ShowMiz (c) vs. John Morrison/R-Truth (Unified Tag Team Championship)

Its good to finally see a tag team bout at Wrestlemania (given WWE doesn't change its mind and drop it like last year). R-Truth and Morrison have gotten the better of ShowMiz over the last few weeks, with a big win on Raw for Morrison.
Given the fact that ShowMiz have only been champions for a couple of months, and also the fact that Morrison is rumoured to be turning heel, it makes perfect sense that ShowMiz should come out on top. I can see ShowMiz pinning R-Truth, and Morrison attacking him after the match because of it.

Who should win: ShowMiz

Who will win: ShowMiz (still champions)

10-Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match (MVP vs Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntrye vs Christian vs Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy vs Kane vs Evan Bourne vs Kofi Kingston)

This is typically a hard match to call, so I'll use the process of Elimination as we do with the Royal Rumble.
So then, the following will not win:
Drew McIntyre, Evan Bourne, Kane, MVP, Matt Hardy
Reasons? Drew is IC champion and has been depushed lately with a crushing loss to Undertaker. Bourne is not ready yet to be world champion (mind you he will put on a great show). Kane just got beaten by Michaels even with help from Undertaker, no sign of a push. MVP is a glorified jobber. Matt Hardy is still not quite back in shape.
Really between the others its an even playing field. All have been made to look strong heading in to the event. But two names stand out of those five which are Christian and Kofi Kingston. So my prediction is:

Who I Want to Win: Dolph Ziggler

Who Should Win: Christian

Who Will Win: Christian

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio (Street Fight - If Rey Loses He Joins The SES)

This match had the potential to be great, but WWE have somewhat spoiled it by adding the extra stipulation mentioned above. Can you see Rey joining the SES? I can't. It makes this match predictable for me. I groaned when Gallows beat Mysterio on Smackdown!. Anyway, I believe the SES will get involved with this one and although Rey will win, he will be beaten down after the match. Should still be entertaining on the wrestling side of things. If Punk does win, then this could create some fantastic drama in future weeks.

Who Should Win: CM Punk

Who Will Win: Rey Mysterio

Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase

Come on, we all know where this is heading. It has been obvious from Raw these last few weeks. Orton has been down on momentum lately and really needs a big win. We all know that Rhodes and DiBiase cannot co-exist with this much on the line at Wrestlemania and that both will want to win. On Raw Cody said that he was going to win, which got a sharp look from DiBiase. 

Expect a beat-down on Orton, then when it comes to pinning him Legacy will fall apart. They will turn on each other and Orton will capitalise with an RKO, maybe even two RKO's. Orton wins, giving him a chance to move onto better things, whilst a new feud is created between Rhodes and DiBiase as Legacy falls apart.

Who Should Win: Randy Orton

Who Will Win: Randy Orton


Triple H vs. Sheamus

Sheamus has been on a fantastic run in WWE, much to the despair of most of the Wrestling Community. Triple H is the clear favourite here and will prevail, but Sheamus will give a great showing. It will be a small knock-back for Sheamus, but HHH will be back in the title picture, and may play a more prominent role in the evening's proceeding's. Should be a physical match, which is good because it adds variety to the card.

Who Should Win: HHH

Who Will Win: HHH


Edge vs. Chris Jericho (c) (World Heavyweight Championship)

People have been asking for this match ever since Edge got injured and now they've got it. Over the last weeks Jericho has been made to look quite weak compared to Edge and everything points to the World Title changing hands at Wrestlemania. Which is why I am going to go with Chris Jericho retaining the title.

I feel WWE may be luring us into a false sense of security here, which suits me fine because I want Jericho to win anyway. If he does win, it won't be fairly and he may even lose and retain the belt. But you get the feeling that taking the belt away from Jericho this soon is not a wise move as it makes him look weak. I feel that a win for Jericho here will enhance this feud, and Edge can win the belt at another date. Jericho deserves this victory if it happens.

Who Should Win: Chris Jericho

Who Will Win: Chris Jericho (Still Champion)


Bret Hart vs. Mr McMahon (No Holds Barred)

This is the second biggest match of the night. Lets face it, there will only be one winner here. It won't be fancy, and I wouldn't put it past McMahon to introduce other factors but it will end up with Vince in the Sharpshooter screaming and tapping. Bret will probably hold him in it for a while after he taps. We may even see Austin in this match to even the score if McMahon starts cheating. It wouldn't be right however for him to stun Hart, would it? Mind you I'm not sure Hart could physically take it anyway.

This will be the match with the photo finish and will give everyone a good feeling heading into the main event. I hope Bret stays after Wrestlemania and becomes a regular on-screen character. Not much else to say.

Who Should Win: Bret Hart

Who Will Win: Bret Hart


Batista (c) vs. John Cena (WWE Championship)

This match wins the award for the most predictable of the evening. This will be a clean win for Cena. I am not a Cena fan, but it is the right move by WWE, because Cena needs to prove he can beat Batista after Summerslam two years ago. We will see SuperCena in this match, possibly even kicking out of a Batista Bomb. This then sets up a rematch between the two at Extreme Rules in a gimmick match, which Cena will win again to emphasise the point.

After that Batista will head back to Smackdown!. Looks grim for Batista, but he is said to be thinking of retirement soon, and I'm sure that no matter what happens Batista will retire on a high note. This won't be a technical match (you  might have guessed that), but it will be entertaining and expect Cena's usual Wrestlemania entrance i.e. completely over the top (which it should be - its tradition now).

Who I Want to Win: Batista

Who Should Win: John Cena

Who Will Win: John Cena (new champion)


Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (Streak vs. Career - No DQ/Countout)

This is the match everybody is talking about. While for the other matches at this event, most people seem to have well-defined views on who is going to win, this match seems to be split right down the middle. I have been against this match from the start and nothing has changed.

When this match was first made I was devastated, because I truly believed that Michaels was going to beat the Undertaker and end the streak. But over the last few weeks some potential revelations with regard to Shawn's career have come out.

The first bit of news was that Shawn had told a radio station some time last year that he had given WWE his retirement date and that it was near Wrestlemania this year. Then in the WWE magazine, Shawn was quoted as saying "I have my retirement set already. I have been thinking of my retirement for a long time now."

Whats more when Michaels was questionned about these rumours he had this to say:
“That’s the situation that I’m in. The career is on the line, so I guess I say ground breaking news by them I guess. That is the match at Wrestlemania, the career versus the streak. It’s one of those things that’s bitter-sweet. Obviously I want to be the one guy to beat the streak. I think that if anyone can, I’m the one, but you have to be willing to put it all out there. If things don’t go my way, I still have a great deal of peace and I can look back on a career that I’m very proud of."

Whats more is the fact that Shawn Michaels is not scheduled to appear at any show after Wrestlemania, whilst The Undertaker is. Which brings me onto Triple H.
Is it just me or has The Game been involved quite heavily with the build-up to this years match? He has tried to calm Shawn down and speak sense into him, and Shawn has been rather abrupt with HHH in return. HBK cost DX the Unified Tag Team Titles not once but twice. After the second time he even told the game 'don't touch me'. We all know The Game isn't too fond of losing titles.

So isn't it logical to think that HHH could play a role in this match? I think that it could well happen. HHH turning on his long time friend at the finale of the match, delivering a scintillating pedigree and costing HBK his career. Not only would this be a huge shock to the fans but it also provides the very rumoured heel turn for HHH. It's like the last piece of the puzzle.

Now no matter what happens this match will be an instant classic, and it will tear the house down at Wrestlemania. Also, it has occurred to me that all these retirement rumours may have been planted by Shawn and WWE to fool us. Not only that, but if Shawn did retire, who's to say he won't win the match and still retire?

This match is totally unpredicatble, and I have come to realise that it is the biggest match in the history of Wrestling in general. I know I'm going to be totally on the edge throughout this match, and I am hoping beyond hope that the streak is maintained. But for the neutral, just sit back and enjoy.

One last thing, I have never betted against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania and I'm not about to start this year.

Who Should Win: Undertaker

Who Will Win: Undertaker


So there you have it. If my estimation if WWE keeps to the 'Who Should Win' side of things, this Wrestlemania could be the greatest wrestling event in history. You may have noticed that I have Undertaker vs. Michaels as the last match and true main-event. There is a simple reason for this: What match could possibly follow it without being a complete flop?

One things for sure, Wrestlemania is always a spectacle and this years version will not have to try too hard to surpass last years version. May I also point out that this year is the real 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania. Maybe WWE can make up for last years effort by providing us with something truly magical. So my last word to all of you is that I hope you all enjoy Wrestlemania and I hope that it lives up to all the hype and more.    




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