Will Big Nog Become The Freddie Roach Of MMA?

jason hughesCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2010

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira has nothing but time on his hands now.

Rightfully considered one of the all time greats of the sport of MMA, "Minatauro" has held belts in the two greatest organizations that ever existed.

Nog is just an overall well thought of fighter when it comes down to the fact that nobody has sacrificed as much of their body to achieve the goals that he has set for himself.

Now "Minatauro" Nogueira has a couple of things left on his mighty resume that will forever in shrine him to pure MMA greatness.

Antonio has to now pick up the practice of becoming one of the most legendary trainers in all of MMA.

A fight camp that no other can rival.

He is almost there, and when I think of names like Enzo Calzaghe and Freddie Roach, I would like for someday, to include the name Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in the list of world class trainers.

The Black house gym, the Nogueira brothers home away from home is slowly separating itself from The Wolfs-lair, American Top Team, The AKA, and Greg Jackson's southwestern spread.

Now that is impressive.

Nogueira, a fighter who would have once been a shoe in for the UFC Hall of Fame—had he chosen to fight in the American organization year's ago instead of fighting in Japan's top league—can possibly now make it in someday on his training accolades.

Certainly that would be justice done the right way.

Remember, at the time when Pride Fighting Championships came along, it was hotly contested regarding who had the best heavyweight division in MMA, and Nogueira just happened to choose one over the other.

The sport has now it seems passed him by, well it actually passed him by a long time before he ever set foot on American soil, beaten by his arch nemesis Fedor Emilianenko.

A man who had already removed Minotuaro from ever becoming a champion again.

Still ,the fact that Antonio Rodrigo gave up his body like a human target range to compete—and still manage to win most of his fights, is pretty amazing.

And now the new breed of UFC heavyweights have come. And one of them just happens to be a student of Nogueira.

Junior Dos Santos is a lightning quick puncher who has a purple belt in Brazilian ju jitsu under Minatauro, and a purple belt from the the Nogueira brothers is akin to a black belt from other schools..

Could Noguera ever make it into the UFC hall of fame?, Probably not.

His short stint with the promotion, and what he did there as a fighter suggest otherwise.

Could he make it as a world class trainer with a stable of some of the best group of fighters in the world ?, I think he can.

Being the greatest trainer in the world is nothing to sneeze at.

I just wish he would admit that his day's as a fighter are over,  and then he could move on, assuming the position of father figure to the many fighters who would benefit greatly from his vast knowledge of the sport.

Because, no matter what anybody may think, his knowledge is far superior to many.