Who's in the Wrong, Brand or Dunleavy? News Review 7/11

Gage Arnold@GageArnoldCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2008

This is it, the maiden voyage, the beginning, the alpha. My first article of this series. I am going to be posting about and breaking down the days biggest story of the day every day. Hope you enjoy it as it goes.

Mike Dunleavy is not a happy man right now, but for good reason. He just lost his Franchise Face. Although the Clipps have recently signed Baron Davis, they still have some dire needs.

Dunleavy says in response to Elton leaving, "I just don't understand it." Why can he not understand this? Seems simple, Elton sees an up and coming team that he could help and be a major part of.

But now I pose this question, does Dunleavy actually have the right to go out and verbally bash Elton for breaking his "verbal agreement?"

In my opinon he doesn't. And this brings us right into the huge continuing battle of whether or not a "verbal" agreement should be upheld no matter what.

We face this in just about every sport. A player saying they will sign with one team, then when that time comes around they get a "better" offer and they sign with that different team and the original team gets upset at the player.

Example 1 to this is Carlos Boozer in 2004 NBA Off-Season. He gave his word to the Cavs that he wouldn't opt out. Well he in turn decided to Opt out and join the Utah Jazz. While this was HIGHLY criticized, he in turn made the right move as the Cavs GM Jim Paxson took the chance he could lock him up and he ended up losing that gamble.

Boozer has now went on to lead the Jazz to the playoffs in the past 2 seasons, and continue to be a key NBA player, but still to this day is criticized.

A great question to ask Boozer is "was it worth it?" Was it worth killing your reputation to go and play for another team? And the more I think about it, the more I think Boozer wold tell everyone that he felt it was the right choice.

He's been successful, gotten to the playoffs, and apparently enjoyed it all. This leads to the fact why Elton very well could do the same.

Elton has been faced with the "why" and "what were you thinking" questions this whole time, especially after Dunleavy has put his thoughts out in the open, but Brand shouldn't let this affect him.

Brand gets to join an up and coming staff in the 76ers. Andre Igoudala who completely broke out last year and is an up and coming star in the league is the leader of the team. Andre Miller is a veter PG who makes key decisions and dishes out a good bit of assists. Thaddeus Young and Willie Green man the 3 as they mature and get an even better feel for the game and Sam Dalenbert to help Elton down low.

When you look at this in retrospect he made a great choice, but still he will get criticized and this will most likely follow him around for as long as he plays.

So now we return to the question, does a verbal agreement have to be upheld no matter what? In my honest opinion it deserves to be respected, but a person must do what’s right for them. Elton Brand and Carlos Boozer both did what was best for them and their family and themselves.

This is why I feel Brand doesn't deserve what he is going through and eventually will prove the nay-sayers wrong.