So, You Think You Know The 2009 Yankees...Try This Test!*

Shanan H.Analyst IMarch 24, 2010

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 04:  Alex Rodriguez #13 of the New York Yankees celebrates after their 7-3 win against the Philadelphia Phillies in Game Six of the 2009 MLB World Series at Yankee Stadium on November 4, 2009 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
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If you think you know the 2009 World Sereis winners, try this test out.  I bet you will find you didn't know as much as you thought.

The test is simple:  20 questions, and the answers are on the next page.  You may want a pen and paper to write down your answers so you don 'forget.'

Oh, and don't cheat.

Here we go:

1:  In the offseason, the Yankees traded utility player Wilson Betimit, and pitchers Jhonny Nunez and Jeff Marquez for Nick Swisher and a pitcher.  Who was the pitcher?

2:  What was the name of the illigal drug used by Alex Rodriguez?

3:  On April 16th, New Yankee Stadium was opened.  During the ceremonies, four f16s flew over Yankee stadium.  From what branch of the Military were they of?

4:  Hedeki Matsui's number minus Melky Cabrera's number is what Yankee's number?

5:  Alex Rodriguez came back to the Yankees after his surgury on May 8th.  The first pitch he saw he hit into the seats.  Who threw this pitch?

6:  Through the end of May untill June first, the Yankees played errorless baseball.  For how many innings did the record-setting streak last?

7:  On this day in June, the Yankees turned their season around:  After Joe Girardi was ejected, rookie Francisco Cervelli hit a solo homerun that broke up a no hitter, eventually allowing the Yankees to win, 8-4.

8:  On September 11, Derek Jeter passed Lou Gherig for hits with the Yankees.  How many hits did Jeter record?

9:  The rival Red Sox finished how many games behind New York?

10:  Against American League opponents, the Yankees had the worst record against the Red Sox and the _______. 

11:  Former Yankee Johnny Damon reached how many career homeruns July 27th?

12:  Which Yankee former first baseman is Mark Tiexiera's hero?

13:  Jorge Posada hit the last home run in which former ballpark.

14:  In the World Series, Jose Molina became the first Yankee catcher to do this in the World Series since Yogi Berra.

15:  A.J. Burnett earned his first postseason victory in what round of the 2009 playoffs?

16:  By defeating the Angels, the Yankees earned their ______ AL pennant.

17:  How many outs did Mariano Rivera record in game 6 of the World Series?

18:  Who is Pedro Martinez's Daddy?

19:  How many post-season homers did A-rod have?

20:  Which two players recorded the final out of the World Series?


Answer 1:  Kanekoa Texeira

Answer 2:  Metenolone Enanthate

Answer 3:  The Air Force

Answer 4:  2, Derek Jeter

Answer 5:  Jeremy Guthrie

Answer 6:  18

Answer 7:  The 24th

Answer 8:  2,722

Answer 9:  8

Answer 10:  Angels

Answer 11:  200

Answer 12:  Don Mattingly

Answer 13:  The Metrodome

Answer 14:  Pick off a runner.

Answer 15:  The World Series

Answer 16:  40th

Answer 17:  5

Answer 18:  Pablo Jaime Martinez

Answer 19:  6

Answer 20:  Robinson Cano and Mark Tiexiera

Count them up.  Lets see how big of a fan you are:

0-5:  You are a rookie.  Don't try to write about the Yankees.

5-10:  You are a veteran:  You used to know this team, but they are just too young now.

10-15:  A real Yankees fan.  I give you full permission to write here.

15-19:  The Yankees are your life. 

20:  Man, you must be a great cheater.

If anyone could honestly get 20, comment.  I hop you enjoyed!

*Results may not be a true test of fanship.  Use of web sources is considered cheating. 


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