Why Smackdown and Raw Need to Distinctify Their Brands

Andrew SandersContributor IMarch 23, 2010

     In 1993, Vince McMahon decided to split the WWF into two brands, RAW, and Smackdown. Instead of one show (simply called WWF) it was now two brands, Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. Ever since, not many people have really cared about the different wrestlers on the brand or what so ever. We only think about it as to shows under the WWE universe.

     For most of the time, each brand has a specific (world championship). One brand has the World Heavyweight Championship, and the other brand has the WWE Championship. It is simply a way to keep revenue high for each brand respectively and not make one more popular than the other.

      Recently, at the Elimination Chamber, that changed when Friday Night Smackdown recieved both titles. All together, the only difference between the two titles is name, and usually, which brand the title is on. They are "equal value" and one isn't really more important that the other.

      In my opinion, they should take both titles out, and simply re-name them. I think each brand should have their own titles, and make the brands seem more than just TV shows, that showcase the WWE.

      So, what should WWE Creative do to distinctify their brands?

Make Smackdown and Raw Championships

      When I originally got into wrestling and the WWE, it took me a while to actually get a hang of the whole championship situation and the different titles. Making titles for each respective brand will help almost every new viewer know who is the best, and who is the champion of each brand. I would still keep the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions non-branded, and WWE wide.

Add Divisions

       I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but making divisions, not on weight or height, but just of different wrestlers in each brand would make things interesting. They could value their win/loss records over a period of time, or Road to Wrestlemania Season, more as well.

        What I envisioned was that over a period of time, the wrestlers would simply keep going about their business and competing like normal, but, their win/loss records would be kept, and the man with the best record of the division would win, and get to compete in a tournament for a Wrestlemania championship shot. They could also use this division system to possibly add another pay-per view where the divisions would compete as a team in a tournament against the other divisions.



         Overall, some of my thoughts are to complex and won't happen, but distinctiying the brands to make them more than just a TV show is a necessity.