Quarterback Is Still Hamilton's Achilles Heel

Steve ThompsonAnalyst IIIMarch 23, 2010

There is no doubt that Hamilton was the most improved team in the CFL last year.

After years of being a doormat, the Tiger Cats finally made the playoffs last year where they bowed to BC. in overtime.

But unless they do something about their quarterbacking, they'll be spinning their wheels or even regressing this year. As great a stride as they made last year, their quarterback situation stagnated and may have even regressed.

Unfortunately, the best of the bunch was ex-Winnipeg quarterback Kevin Glenn. Glenn did a competent job, but it's unlikely he will lift the team higher than playoff contender.

He has never won the Grey Cup and anyone who has seen him play over the years can tell why. He can be hotter than a firecracker for one quarter and be completely ice cold the next.

Most quarterbacks show their poor play by how many turnovers they commit. With Glenn, it is how many two-and-out series he has.  That was very evident in Hamilton's playoff loss.

But he wasn't supposed to be the starting quarterback anyway.

Excited by Quinton Porter's potential in 2008, Bob O'Billovich and Macel Bellefeuille wanted him to be the full-time quarterback last year.

Instead he ended up losing his job to Glenn and became a bench warmer.  His career and development stagnated.  Also on board is Adam Tafralis.

Last year, lots of things went right for Hamilton, but they won't go any further until the key offensive position is improved.

Glenn will probably go into training camp as the starter, but that is hardly good news.  He's unlikely to improve.  If Hamilton had the quarterback they need, Glenn would be a very good back-up.

What Hamilton needs is either Porter or Tafralis to seize the position by demonstrating competent leadership or hope someone else is hungry enough to take advantage of the situation.

There's lots to be excited about in Hamilton after a horrible decade, but bad quarterbacking could undo much of the gains that were made last year.