WWE Monday Night Raw Review, Monday March 22rd

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIMarch 23, 2010

LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 12:  Major League Baseball legend Pete Rose attends the 'Beacher's Madhouse' show at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino November 12, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Pete Rose. Jesus, is that the best WWE could come up with? A Monday Night Raw that I was really looking forward to has already received strike one.

Segment 1) HBK Promo

A really solid promo from the Heart Break Kid tonight. Same stuff as previous weeks though with the odd variation. However, as you'll see later, this was not te best build up for there WM match, though it was a close second. The ever-interesting(!) Pete Rose announces HBK v Kane for later.

4/5( not the best of crowd reactions stops this segment getting a 5)

Segment 2) JoMo vs The Miz w/ R-Truth and Big Show on commentary

All I can say is that this was a great match(by tv standards at least). Crowd was really into it. Two high spots, the right finish and some really enjoyable interaction between R-Truth and Show on commentary. When WWE wants to, they really can put on a good match.

4.5/5 (the lenght let it down though - just shy of 10mins, which would have pushed it to 5/5)

Segment 3)  Kofi Kingston v Kozlov( MITB Qualifier) w/ Swagger on commentary

First off, I think it's a joke that one of the most exciting and highly anticipated matches in WM history has not been publicly finalized until six days before 'Mania. WWE should've given this match much more build instead of a pathetic last minute attempt airing on Smackdown this Friday. As for the match, total waste of time. Predictable outcome.


Segment 4) Priceless & Sheamus v HHH & Orton

This match was a huge letdown. WWE had the chance to strike gold with the combination of Orton and Hunter, given their history. However, WWE ignored this and scripted a lazy finish. Orton looked weak because he was beaten and  Sheamus looked weak because he was attacked by HHH. In five minutes or so, WWE has made the two least appealing matches on the WM26 card even less appealing. Mindboggling! Strike two!

2.5/5 (Despite the poor booking, it scores 2.5 due to the ratings system)

Segment 5) Bret Hart Promo

Another Hart promo? I know they're saving him for Sunday but come on! If you've heard any other Hart promo in the last three months, skip this part of the show.

2/5. (Poor content, average crowd reaction and average mic skill)

Segment 6) HBK v Kane( Win by Pinfall or Submission only)

Typical set of moves from both men. Nothing special until the end really. HBK tunes up the band, the bell tolls, a little ruckus and a chokeslam from Taker to HBK. However, HBK still recovers and wins with a superkick.

3.5/5 ( Not a great match but the right decisions in certain sections of the rating system brings the score up)

Segment 7) Babyface Divas v Heel Divas

Total squash. At least TNA try to brand the women as wrestlers not 'divas'. Bring on the first blood match on iMPACT! next week.


Segment 8) Batista Promo

Solid promo from The Animal. Good heat. Funny comment about certain audience members having to pay for two seats!(no offence to those implied). Good heel heat for Batista.


Segment 9) Cena Promo AND Fight

Not a bad promo from Cena. An OK 'fight'. Not the best way to build a WWE Title match at the ''Grandaddy of 'Em All'' I don't even think the crowd liked it. That pushing and shoving was pathetic. It was like watching two five year olds on steroids fighting at school. Strike three and you're out!

1.5/5 ( rated the promo and attack seperately, added their respective scores and divided total by two)

Final Thoughts:

The show in general was a bit of a let down. I was genuinely looking forward to Raw tonight. Thought that they'd have something better than that in the tank. Match/segment of the night goes to the Miz v JoMo match.

Why end the final Raw before 'Mania by making your champ look weak? Why end it with another promo/attack segment? Why not have a solid match and a post match brawl between the participants of several different matches?

That way, the last thing the viewer sees is hatred between opponents and it would really build several matches at once.

Final Rating: 3/5

Leave your comments and I'll answer them all - no matter how flattering or critical!(as evident last week!)

Thanks for reading.


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