T.O. for MVP?: Terrell Owens Grows Up in Dallas

tee polkAnalyst INovember 13, 2007

IconWe're nine weeks into the NFL season—and we've yet to see any self-destructive antics from Terrell Owens.

The reason?

He's getting the damn football.

I've said it time and time again—Owens is like a baby. He cries when you don't feed him, and his food is that football.

As it stands, T.O. has been instrumental in the Cowboys' 8-1 start. Not only is Owens on pace for a career year—he's becoming more of a leader for his teammates.

Owens also opens up the Cowboys offense by drawing double- and triple-teams from opponents. The focus on T.O. has allowed WRs Jason Witten and Patrick Crayton to post big plays throughout the season.

The only negative publicity around Owens in 2007 has stemmed from two fines—the first a $10K penalty for waiving a towel on the sidelines; the second a $25K hit for excessive celebration after a touchdown against the Dolphins.

In both cases, T.O. paid the fine and kept his mouth shut—the mark of a team player with newfound maturity.

The 'Boys haven't been to the Super Bowl since 1995, and there's no doubt Owens is looking to lead them back. After his heroic performance for the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX—on a broken leg, no less—you know he's got be itching for a little bling on his finger.

As I see it, Owens' name belongs in the MVP debate. He's kept his cool and his team is flying high. No one is more responsible for the Cowboys' success. 

T.O. is the best receiver in the league—and yes, that's including the other No. 81 who plays for that lucky team in New England.