Hey, John Paxson: Go After Josh Smith!

asdfasdf asdfasdfSenior Analyst IJuly 10, 2008

After the Chicago Bulls drafter Derrick Rose number one in the NBA Draft one thing became clear—the Bulls needed to clear room in their backcourt and they needed to add a solid forward.

The glaring hole in the Bulls' frontcourt has been prevalent for years and a good offensive weapon (i.e. NOT Emeka Okafor) should be brought in if the team really wants to contend next season.

So with one of the best young forwards in the league currently shopping himself around in Josh Smith, why is it that there haven't even been whispers about the Bulls trying to acquire him?

Smith would be an absolutely perfect fit into the Bulls offense. Rose thrived at Memphis with big men he could lob the ball up to or dish it inside to. Adding an already established Smith with Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah, who are also the types of players who thrive off of lobs, would turn Chicago's offense into a New Orleans-esque offense with Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler.

The most likely scenario for the Bulls to acquire Smith would be through a sign-and-trade. The Hawks have been looking for a solid point guard for years. And while Kirk Hinrich has maybe worn out his welcome in Chicago, he would be a welcomed addition to Atlanta's backcourt which has desperately lacked scoring for a very long time. If the Hawks and Bulls could work out a Hinrich for Smith deal with the Bulls perhaps throwing in next year's first round pick, the deal may be too good to pass up.

If that isn't something that would interest Atlanta, the Bulls could take the rout of the Los Angeles Clippers and simply try to sign him. The Clippers have reportedly made Smith their number one target after Elton Brand bolted for Philadelphia, and if the Bulls' top competitors to sign Smith are the Clippers and Hawks, it's likely the Bulls could pull out the best offer.

So, John Paxson, it's time to make some noise. Change was promised to the fans and they haven't seen too much change yet. Adding Rose was a promising start but the team isn't likely to succeed if Rose is stuck with the same cast of numb skulls they threw out there last year.

Smith would make the Bulls immediate contenders once again in the Eastern Conference, and he's exactly what they need.