Juan Pablo Montoya: Another Good Car, Another Bad Finish!

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Juan Pablo Montoya: Another Good Car, Another Bad Finish!
John Harrelson/Getty Images

If there was a trophy for running well in the first 100 laps of a race the No. 42 team would be the winner. That seams to be the pattern of the Brian Pattie run team.

They do well on Friday, get a good place on the starting grid, but on Sunday is a different story.

The team looks like world beaters in the first third of the race, then all of the sudden, usually in the last third of the race, they drop to the danger zone (mid pack).

When Montoya was running in the mid-teens , I said to myself, IT’S OVER, he will get collected in a wreck, two laps later he was running P14 or P15 when he climbed onto the No. 47 drivers window.

Who’s to blame?

Well, there is a different blame story every week , but I do have to ask a few questions:

Why is it No.48 always avoids trouble?

Why is Kevin Harvick able to drive through multiple wrecked cars?

Why is it No. 14 keeps his fenders clean (in most cases)?

I could give many other examples, but my point is , some of those drivers are always running up front and others are just very experienced at avoiding wrecks or have a great spotter who keeps them out of trouble.

I don’t know which one of those skills the No.42 is lacking, but they better get it figured out, the “is just racing” excuse is not going to get them to the chase.

Actually the “is just racing” quote is getting old, if I was Chip I would ban it from the team.

So what can they do?

The obvious solution is for Brian Pattie to figure out a way to keep Juan Pablo Montoya out of the bushes, keep him up front, just like he always does in the first half of most races .


What is Brian Pattie doing ?

Why does his team lose momentum towards the end of the race?

I’m no expert but there has to be a reason why this keeps on happening to the No. 42 team.

I really believe bad luck happens once or twice but not a whole season, if No. 42 team keeps on having “BAD LUCK” in the next five races it may be time to change the karma.

If you know what I’m saying.

This team is 266 points from the lead and out of the chase, I understand is early but is time to get serious and get this party started, most No. 42 fans expected better from them.

And as always is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everyone has opinions and I thank God for that.

Enough said.

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