WWE Monday Night Raw Review, Monday March 15th

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIMarch 20, 2010

370782 08: World Wrestling Federation's Wrestler Steve Austin Poses June 12, 2000 In Los Angeles, Ca.  (Photo By Getty Images)
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First of all,apologies for the late review but I missed the show on Monday and it was only repeated yesterday morning.

Segment 1) Austin Promo

Great to see Austin back in the ring. He's in realy good shape - probably the bet shape he's been in, in the last 5 years. Typical promo which included the What? trademark and beer drinking. Looked like Cena cut him off early though. Pity that tease of a stunner was just a tease but I digress...



Segment 2) Cena vs Big Slow

Not a bad match. The finish was better than what I had expected( a lazy and overused DQ finish) A win for Big Show gives him some needed credibility. A nice way to further the tension between Cena and Batista.



Segment 3) Sheamus Promo.

Typical blind side attack from Sheamus to kick things off. Continues to brutalise Evan. Another painful promo to end the segment.



Segment 4) Austin/ Jericho interaction

Normally, I don't bother with WWE's cheap backstage crap but this time it was Austin. Again, trademark stuff from Austin, his not so serious laugh ect. This segment kind of made Jericho look a bit weak.



Segment 5) Kelly Kelly vs Maryse, Post match attack

Very short match. Maryse hits her DDT out of nowhere. The post match attacks were chaotic and just a cheap way of getting a lot of divas some TV time. Why Vickie shows up is anybody's guess.



Segment 6) HBK vs Y2J, post match attack.

Good match even though it should have had a clean finish and probably closed the show. Typical heel move from Jericho but a lazy way to end the match. Nice attack from Edge afterwords. However, a clean finish and an Undertaker/ Edge run in after the match with all hell breaking lose would have been better, especially as Raw goes off the air.



Segment 7)HHH vs Randy Orton

Physical match. Back and Forth . Nice finish. Cole plays the idiot role as usual while Legacy attack HHH, then Orton. Looked like HHH was making a fightback but The Behind the Back Attacker strikes again, this time really out of nowhere. Again though, this is all he does. If he ever attacked somebody face - to - face, we might believe the hype but he just looks like a coward.



Segment 8) Batista vs Kofi Kingston

An ok match. Possible blade job by Batista as replays showed he was kicked in the ear, not the forehead.



Segment 9) Contract Signing

Not a bad segment but no way should it have closed a show with three huge matches on the card. Nice comedy between Vince & Austin. Obvious stuff from the Hitman(as I predicted in a previous review). Again though, Vince couldn't sell the shot from the cast and had to be pushed over the table.



Final Thoughts:

Not a bad show tonight. Better than previous weeks. Good to see Stone Cold back but it just wasn't the same in a PG environment and with the lack of stunners(which Austin explained) I woud like to point out though that Austin was not censored(in Ireland) when he used the word ass nor was Batista's blood, in either the repeats or highlight show's of Raw, some of which aired at 3pm . WWE should have gone TV-14 for one night only just for Austin. They definately should for the Rock.

Final rating: 3/5