Big East Over-Seeded in Tournament

OhemContributor IMarch 19, 2010

When the selection committee revealed their brackets on sunday I was surprised to see so many Big East teams with seedings higher than I and the pollsters think they should be. 

I was also surprised that none of experts were talking about this over-seeding.  But now that the Big East looked so bad on the first day of the tournament, someone has to come out and say it—the selection committee significantly overestimated the Big East and seeded their teams way too high! 

You can always argue about moving teams plus or minus one spot in their seeding, but a number of the Big East teams are 3 spots higher than they should be with their seeding, its not even close, its ridiculous. 

First let me say where the selection committee got it right—Syracuse, West Virginia, and Louisville.  Syracuse is a legit No. 1, West Virginia a solid No. 2, and Louisville is in the No. 9-10 range. 

Now where they screwed up a little—Villanova and Pitt.  They both needed to be dropped one or two spots, Nova should be a No. 3 and Pitt a No. 4 at the highest.

And, where they really screwed the seeding up—Georgetown, Notre Dame, and Marquette. 

All three of these teams were seeded at least three spots higher than they should be, they all had more than 10 losses on the season and were seeded No. 3, No. 6, and No. 6 respectively. 

Georgetown, come on, they finished 7th in their league with a 10-8 record, a No. 6 seed would be generous for them, a No. 3 is just crazy.  And Notre Dame was supposed to be on the bubble—then they beat Seton Hall and Pitt and jump to a No. 6 seed???

What?  They should've been in the 9-11 seeding range.  Same with Marquette, they deserve a 9-10 seed.

Just look at the final season rankings, the Big East has a lot of good teams there, but for some reason they were consistently seeded above their rankings.  Pitt was seeded higher that the seven non-Big East teams that were ranked directly ahead of them. 

Georgetown was seeded higher than the four teams ranked directly above them, and in most cases they were seeded two spots higher than those teams ranked above them. 

The Big East is very good in basketball, but not that good, their 7th place team didn't deserve a No. 3 seed, and their 5th and 8th place teams didn't deserve No. 6 seeds. 

Hopefully the committee will learn something this year, I don't know what they were thinking, but they made some seedings that made no sense, and its already showing on day one of the tournament.