Why Tim Tebow Will NOT be a Complete Bust

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Why Tim Tebow Will NOT be a Complete Bust
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Although Tim Tebow may never become a great NFL QB, he will also never find himself on a NFL biggest busts list.

Here are a number of reasons why:

Round drafted

Tebow will likely be a second round pick or at best a late first round pick. The finances you have to commit to a top 10 pick make it nearly impossible to miss on a draft pick without damaging your franchise.

Work Ethic

Tebow has shown that he is committed to winning football games. This makes him coachable and willing to do what is needed to help his team. If he can help win games by running the scout team or playing special teams he will. Having a good work ethic does not mean that a person will be successful, but it gives them the best chance to obtain their goals.

Positional Flexibility

Quarterbacks have a high rate of failure because if they are not good QBs there is nothing else to do with them on the roster.

Robert Gallery was not a good offensive tackle, so they moved him to guard. If you draft a CB with a first round pick and they are not a starter you can put them at nickel or move them to safety. 

Should Tebow fail at quarterback he has the athleticism to move to another position. It has been projected that he could play either tight end or H-back. He also could serve as a short yardage back. The development of the wildcat offense in the NFL gives him another way to be effective without being on the field every down. 

I do not think that Tebow will be an every-down type QB, but his ability to play multiple positions and add good locker room chemistry will make him more valuable than many players who will be drafted ahead of him.

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