Brandon Knight's NCAA College Hoops Options Still Wide Open

Marcus ShockleyCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2010

The biggest high school recruit still on the board for NCAA college basketball in 2010 is probably Brandon Knight (PG/SG, 6′3″, 2010), who is still considering Miami, Florida, Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, and Connecticut.

Knight is a fierce scorer who can put up big numbers and cause problems for defenses. A sure fire big time scoring machine, Knight plays much more like a shooting guard than a point guard, so he still needs to improve his PG skills.

Of the six schools on his list, Knight has visited all except Syracuse. It’s hard to say where he will fit in best, but it does seem that his chances to play early will be better if he can play the point depending on where he goes.

I’m sure Miami would love to be able to play Knight at the point with Durand Scott at the two.

Kentucky could either move Bledsoe to the one (assuming John Wall goes to the NBA after this season) and put Knight at the two or vice versa.

Florida could be interesting with Boynton playing point and Knight at SG, especially because they played AAU together with that exact strategy.

If Kemba Walker is still at UConn running the point, you could see Knight getting time at the SG spot there as well.

At Syracuse he’d probably have to help shore up the loss of Andy Rautins at SG.

Xavier Henry could leave for the NBA after this season at Kansas, creating SG playing time there, although the current Kansas PG, Sherron Collins, is a senior and definitely gone next season.

So even though in the long term it will help Knight to be able to play the point (6′3″ shooting guards often have a tough time landing in the pros), there are several possible scenarios where he could get some big minutes off the ball from day one.

For me, Knight moving to PG might be a mistake considering how effective he is at off guard. He reminds me somewhat of Dexter Strickland, a player who is incredibly dynamic at the SG spot, but could be limited when running the point. Of course, with a player of his talents, it all remains to be seen.

Here’s some recent video of Brandon , much of which at point:

Here’s some video of Knight showing off his stupefying scoring abilities and near-impossible-to-guard quickness:

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