TIGER You Need To Listen To Stricker!!!!!!

John GodwinContributor IMarch 15, 2010

AUGUSTA, GA.- APRIL 14:  Tiger Woods is awarded the green jacket after winning the Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club on April 14 , 2002 in Augusta, Georgia. DIGITAL IMAGE. EDITORIAL USE ONLY (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)
Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Tiger we all know you are a genius even though everything that transpired since Thanksgiving was not handled as seemlessly as one would have liked. Along with that you are the greatest man to ever hold a golf club regardless of any arguments that may come otherwise. The thing is that even if you are Superman you do not go into the Kryptonite cave unless you are fully prepared and that Kryptonite Cave for you is the iconic, beautiful azalea laden grounds of Augusta National Golf Club. All the Green should have given off a slight hint.

Anyway, Stricker was quoted as saying he thought that a tournament or two would be sufficient and I agree with that theory. The problems of coming back at Bay Hill are obvious the circus like atmosphere from the slime balls such as TMZ and The Enquirer are like sharks in bloody water and would do more harm to the tournaments entire field than they would do good and all because of the media credentialing which is used by IMG and The Arnold Palmer Invitational. It would take the entire Orlando Police Department to maintain sanity there and that would still allow the chance at Stevie bludgeoning some moron with a camera or cell phone if they started something or interupted play.

My pick would be either The Tavistock Cup along with a lengthy family trip to Northern Georgia and that little country club down there for a lot of fine tuning or even skipping The Tavistock and just teeing it up at The Masters even though I agree with Stricker's thought process. The security will certainly be good at Isleworth or Lake Nona because that is how the residents there roll and any idiot that decides to act up would be kindly escorted out or fed to the alligators. The Masters however having attended is the single most controlled environment I have ever been in which would protect Tiger far greater than anything else.

Billy Payne and the Green Jackets are not going to allow the biggest revenue generating golfer on the grounds to be heckled or persecuted in anyway at anytime guaranteed. The media room does not allow idiots like the Paparazzi yet seasoned golf writers and reputable reporters ( I am still waiting on my invitation ) so he will not have to answer any questions from TMZ or The National Enquirer. Finally, the patrons at The National respect this game not a news story more than any human error, blunder, discretion, or whatever else you may call it and they respect it because of the ability and skill it takes to conquer it like Tiger.

Regardless of when, where, and how I am ready fot the Tour season to begin in earnest and I fully believe that will be happening in about three weeks when Tiger and Stevie finally grace us with their prescence again. Go get that Green Jacket Tiger.

Four and counting.