Michael Vick Really Needs to Shut Up and Play Politics.

Tuviere AkpogheneContributor IMarch 13, 2010

Appearing on the Gangsta Grillz radio program on Atlanta station Hot 107.9 FM, Vick was asked by host DJ Drama to respond to a listener’s question regarding where he’d like to play.

“If I could play for any team in the league, it would probably be two teams, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be the Carolina Panthers,” Vick said.

Vick returned to the NFL with the Eagles last season after a two-season absence while serving a prison sentence for overseeing a dog fighting ring during his heyday as a star for the Atlanta Falcons.

While Vick has apologized for his actions and we all believe he has paid he’s dues and deserve a second chance at playing football in the NFL, he really needs to learn to play the game of politics or at least pretend he understands the business of the NFL.

It has been well-established since last August that the Eagles owe Vick a $1.5 million roster bonus on the fifth day of the 2009 league year and the Eagles delivered as promised and paid Vick the 1.5 million they saved by firing Brian Westbrook (Read: NFL’s treatment of Ladainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook is Criminal)

This is the NFL where players are disposed more often than toilet tissue, a good example would be the aforementioned Brian Westbrook who for the last decade has been the Eagles only true offensive weapon and was released unceremoniously, they just handed him ge’s walking papers at the end of the season.

Why you may ask?

Because he had two concussions last season? No, he was released so the Eagles could save $1.5 million. (Click here to read the article) Vick should know better and exercise better judgment –  because the Eagles are working on finding a team that will be willing to absorb the remaining $3.5 million owed to him for the rest of the 2010-2011 season, comments like these doesn’t help negotiations.

While he’s comments might be sincere and also meant to be funny, he can’t afford to have any sort of negative press at this time, especially if being the Eagles over paid 3rd string quarter back for the 2010-2011 season is not part of he’s future plans.

“Well, you know, it’s close to home. I like the uniforms. (Really? Uniforms?) You get to play against Atlanta twice a year. Ain’t nothing better than playing against your former team, right? So, yeah, that would be a good look, it would be a good look.”

“You get to play against Atlanta twice a year” – comments like that reminds you of the old Vick fans thought was a brat, flipping off fans at the Georgia Dome, carrying narcotics through the airport in Miami and now he’s making comments on the radio about how he’ll like to stick it to he’s old team, a team that gave him everything (including the largest contract in the NFL at that time) and even showed him support throughout all he’s troubles.

The Panthers weren’t interested in Vick last preseason when he was looking to sign with a team and are not expected to be interested now.

It is hard to say what the Philadelphia Eagles are going to do with Michael Vick this offseason or with any of their quarterback for that matter. The Eagles don’t appear like they are in a big hurry to move Vick and they might not, but in the main time, Vick really needs to stop talking about teams he would like to play for and let he’s agent do he’s job.

Though I must admit Vicks dream team could actually work.

He could fit in really well with the Panthers. The Panthers have a great running game that would keep a lot of the pressure off Vick’s throwing abilities, and if Vick struggles they can just put in Matt Moore like they did last season when Jake Delhomme fell apart.

With Jake Delhomme released and restricted free agent Matt Moore seem the only quarter back in town and they appear highly interested in picking a quarterback in April’s draft, I guess Vick could be the solution!

Vick played sparingly last season for the Eagles, appearing in 12 games mostly as a situational player in a Wildcat role and did show some signs of life especially in the playoffs.

I for one think Vick deserves a shot as a starter again in this league, and I think he might start somewhere next season, he just needs to sincerely: Shut up.