Why Liverpool Must Sell Ferndando Torres to Chelsea

Ramkumar SCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2010

LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 4:  Liverpool unveil Fernando Torres at a press conference held at Anfield on July 4, 2007 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Gary M. Prior/Getty Images)
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Shocking! Not the idea that I propose but the form that Liverpool are displaying on the pitch. What happened? The once-mighty titans are now struggling to reclaim their from. Injuries and lack of form have weakened them. The ownership has not been upto the financial challenge and Liverpool are on the brink of losing the coveted Champions League spot. 

There is a chance that Benitez might not be at the club next year. And the chances of that are much higher than Gillette and Hicks selling the club or becoming a financial magnet again. Whether Rafa remains or not, it is a fact that Liverpool need money to strengthen—money that the ownership cannot produce.

This can only mean one thing selling a piece of asset for cash in order to strengthen the squad. Last year Liverpool showed that a good squad can do great things as they did the double over champions Manchester United without Gerrard and Torres. Also the Champions League winning squad of Liverpool consisted of good players and not supermen.

Why Torres ?

Liverpool have two financially attractive players: Gerrard and Torres. Gerrard still has the touch of magic but the fact that he is not getting any younger and the shades of grey are now being seen in his hair can mean only one thing—he will not fetch so much money in the market as Liverpool value him to be.

Gerrard is a club legend and the team captain. He is the soul of the team and selling him can make the team look really bad. Also, the intangibles and the sentiments will make Stevie G more valuable to Liverpool than any other team. Therefore we move to the next logical bidding piece: Torres.

Fernando has been a sensation ever since he arrived at Anfield. However, so has the count of the number of times that he has been injured. So why sell the man who is Liverpool's biggest scoring threat? Because he is frequently injured. Think Torres—think goals; think Torres—also think hamstring injury.

Whenever Torres has been injured someone has always stepped up to get the goal. Kuyt, Benayon, Babel, Gerrard, and others have proved that while Torres is vital he is not indispensable. Liverpool have over the season learnt to cope with injuries to Torres and we can conclude that although Liverpool will miss Torres when he is not there it is a lot easier to cope with his absence than to live with a weakened squad.

Selling Torres for oodles of cash will also help the (new/old) manger make smart investments (read: Not Aquillani for 22 million) and strengthen the squad. Arshavin—15 million; Landon Donovan—on loan but still worthy of buying.

The point is there are still good players available for a decent price and they can make a world of difference to the Liverpool squad. So selling Torres might not be a bad idea—if he is sold to the right buyer.

The right buyer: Chelsea

Most of the big money teams like Real, Barca, and Inter that lie out of the EPL have already invested heavily on the team and will not be that keen on buying Torres considering his high money value. The teams in the EPL that will love to have Torres and have the cash will be Tottenham, Manchester City, and Chelsea. 

Out of this Manchester City is the one team that can offer the maximum cash for Torres. But selling Torres to City can be the worst possible mistake that Liverpool can do.

Sure, the money they get can be used to not strengthen the squad and the owner's pockets but sadly Manchester City is vying for the same Champions League spot that Liverpool are trying to hang on to. And once Liverpool lose it to City there is very little chance for them to get it back. 

Out of the four Champions League spots, one spot goes to Manchester United who are too well rooted in their spot for anyone to dream of displacing them. Arsenal with wily Wenger have always found clever ways to hang on to the other spot.

Chelsea too are now a financial and talented powerhouse who cannot be displaced from the third remaining spot. So with the one remaining spot; why sell Torres to the most dangerous rivals who are vying for that spot?

That will be like digging your own grave.

Chelsea need a forward. Drogba and Anelka are old and Chelsea are known to be in the market for a new young striker. Chelsea invested heavily in Shevchenko who was the demi god of strikers in the Italian league. Sadly, he did not live upto his expensive hype. Pizzario, a very good striker in the Bundesliga also left his shooting boots in Germany when he came to Chelsea.

Chelsea will be keen not to repeat the mistake. So investing on Torres will be a safer bet than investing on Aguero, who will cost Chelsea around the same price. Also, Chelsea have the squad to cope up with an injury to Fernando Torres.

This is one deal that can help two big teams gain big grounds. Only time will tell if this deal materializes or not. 


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