The Buffalo Bills Greatest Quarterback Was Doug Flutie

Jeremey ClarkContributor IMarch 13, 2010

11 Dec 2000: Doug Flutie #7 of the Bills signals to the bench to go for two points after a Bills touchdown during the Bills v Colts game at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Colts defeated the Bills 44 - 20. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Ron Hoskins/ALLSPORT
Ron Hoskins/Getty Images

Step aside Jim Kelly! The greatest Quarterback in Bills history is Doug Fluite. You ask....Doug Flutie? Why?

Doug not have the advantage of playing with a talent stacked team. He had a poor offensive line in front of him.The head coach as well as his staff were inept, and he was able to be a winning quarterback! a 21-9 record!

Jim Kelly was as slow as a turtle, Doug ran like a gazelle. As far as leadership is concerned Doug out-shined Jim. Doug was able to make chicken salad out of "chicken S***" Jim Kelly was carried by players like Thurman Thomas, Kenny Davis, Andre Reed & his strong Offensive Line. He could not scramble, he forced to many passes and choked when the big game arrived.

Doug was not given a chance to play for a Superbowl with Buffalo because Ralph Wilson pulled him in favor of Rob Johnson for the "Music city Miracle" game. We all know that if Doug had played, the game would have been different. We would have one the Super Bowl.

Did Jim Kelly have his own cereal? Did Jim Kelly save the franchise? Doug Flutie saved the franchise! He helped increase ticket sales as well as box sales.

Next time the discussion comes up about who is the greatest Bills Quarterback remind the person you are debating with that Jim Kelly is the 2nd greatest.Doug Flute's professional stats rank him with the All-time greats to ever play football

Lets do some comparison of Pro stats between the 2 players:

Passing Yards all time

Doug- 58,179

Jim-  45,309


Doug-   369

Jim- 237

Rushing Yards

Doug- 6,759

Jim-  1049


Doug -3

Jim- 0

Doug will go down as the greatest Professional Quarterback of all-time.