Hall Of Fame ? Or Shame ?

CARLOS GRUBBContributor IMarch 12, 2010

SAN DIEGO, CA - 1986:  Pete Rose #14 of the Cincinnati Reds runs between bases during a game against the San Diego Padres at Jack Murphy Stadium in the 1986 MLB season in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


Baseball did nothing to make players use steroids. What? Did everybody that had anything to do with Baseball hold a gun to the players head, and say hey do steroids or we are going to shoot you in your knee caps? Of course not, doing steroids was a personal decision no more no less. I'm sick of people making up excuses for all the cheaters in Baseball. Is anyone else besides me sick of it? There is an old cliché that if you have to cheat to achieve then you should not be competing at all.

All the cheaters make it hard for the clean players to compete without a shadow being cast over them, that’s what is disgraceful. There are clean players in the circle of Greatness. Someone made a reference to Frank Thomas that we don't know for sure if he is clean. Well he is, he was big and strong in high school, in college, and in MLB. Nothing has changed that from the first time he picked up a bat. There are others, Ken Griffey JR. has never needed to use steroids.


His ultra fast bat speed and that sweetest of swings is all he has ever needed.          Ken  Griffey JR. on a number of occasions throughout his career has volunteered to be tested and was a few times. Just to prove he was clean. He has never been anything else but clean. Should the cheaters be forbid to enter the HOF? I don't think so but I think their stats should be adjusted. It's not fair in any situation that a great overall hitter like Hank Aaron and his home run record be held by a cheater.


I don't think it's fair that a great player and even greater person like Roger Maris have his single season home run record held by the same cheater that holds Aaron’s overall record. I know I'm going back in time somewhat, but this should be brought up again. Should the all time hit King Pete Rose be barred from the HOF for something that had absolutely nothing to do with his playing days? Day in and day out he would be the first one at the club house, and the last one to leave. And play his heart out every second of every game.


He appeared in 5 World Series winning three of them. He was an MVP, ROY, 15 time All Star, and won three batting titles. Had a 44 game hitting streak, and  of  course had 4,256 base hits. Getting 3,000 hits is a ticket to Copper's Town, but 4,256, Pete was on a whole other level than anybody who ever stepped up to the plate, and  was a great team leader. He is banned from baseball for something that happened well after his playing days were over.


OK while I'm at it I have another gripe that goes back to 1919.Yes you probably have already guessed the Chicago White Sox World Series scandal or Black Sox scandal which ever you prefer. Eight players were payed  1,000 dollars apiece to throw the 1919 World Series. Of them was one of the greatest players to ever play Baseball, Shoeless Joe Jackson. The other seven knew what they were getting into however Jackson did not.


He was told the money was a bonus for making it to the World Series because everyone involved knew he would not do anything to throw the series. Later a team mate told Shoeless Joe what was going on and he went back to the gamblers who set this up. Gave the money back and told them that he did not want any part of throwing the series.


Of course the gamblers were being backed by the gangsters of Chicago and this was the heyday of gangsters. You know, the kind that would stop a car and step out with 45 caliber machine guns that would chop down a tree (and men).That did not deter Shoeless Joe. He went on to have one of the best performances in World Series history in the pre live ball era.



 After the White Sox lost to Cincinnati in the last game of the nine game series it was found out the 1919 Worlds Series had been thrown. Shoeless Joe Jackson took his case to court. Some of his team mates involved in the scandal testified on Joe's behalf that he had done nothing wrong in the World Series. His numbers backed up their claim .Shoeless Joe had 12 hits, scored 5 runs had 6 RBI, batted for a 375 avg., and his fielding percentage was 1.000.Joe Jackson was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.


About half way through the 1920 Baseball Season Joe was on a roll leading the league with a .385 batting average when the first commissioner of Baseball was elected, KENESAW MOUNTAIN LANDIS. His first act as commissioner was a life time ban from Baseball for the players involved in the 1919 World Series scandal. Even Shoeless Joe Jackson who had been acquitted from this act. I’m sorry if you found this small history lesson in Baseball boring but it had to be told to get to my point.


That player's who did absolutely nothing wrong on the field of play are banned from Baseball for life. But the cheaters or most of them anyway will retire and become eligible and be enshrined in to the Hall Of Fame. Do you think this is right? Me... I say HELL no.