Does Mark McGwire Deserve the Hall of Fame?

Chris GargiuloContributor IMarch 12, 2010

23 Sep 1998: (FILE PHOTO)  Mark McGwire #25 of the St. Louis Cardinals hits the ball during the game against the Houston Astros at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. According to reports January 11, 2010, McGwire has admitted to steroid use during while playing Major League baseball and when he broke the home run record.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

McGwire finally came out and admitted to the world what we already suspected, he used steroids. Though I don't think people assumed it was for 10 years as he also admitted. So now the question arises, does he deserve the hall? He has already been denied entrance into the hall without people knowing if he did or didn't. Now with the voters, knowing that he did use steroids and for 10 years, what happens now?


Well before we can question whether he gets in now, with the truth now out, we need to look at whether he deserved the hall before this.


Lets start by breaking down his numbers in the batters box, keep in mind, some of his seasons were not full statistical seasons:



He has a career average of .263, which is not horrible, but it also isn't really great either. 
To understand his average better, in 15 seasons he batter over .300 only three, out of those three times, he played over 90 games in those seasons only once.

He had over 100 runs only three times in his 15 season career. One of those times was in 98 when he hit 70 home runs. I would hope he could find a way to score another 30 runs.

Aside from the average and runs scored, his offensive numbers are pretty good. When broken down over the course of his career he averaged 50 home runs a season, 122 RBI, and 141 hits a season.

His career RBIs are a bit skewed since in 98, and 99 he had 147 in each season. However, when you average over 122 over your career that's pretty good.

Now let's break down his defensive numbers, his defensive stats stand for 15 years. In 86 when he was called up, he played 3B for a few games instead of first.

Over the course of his career he had 103 E representing a .993 fielding percentage.

In 1990 he won a Gold Glove for his fielding at first base.
He won Rookie of the year in 1987.

Now looking at those numbers you can easily say right away, McGwire is borderline on making it into the Hall. What I have a problem with personally is his average. If it wasn't for his power, and home run hitting abilities, would there really be all this talk regarding him as a possible hall of famer? We all know America has a giant fascination about home runs, and they entice us.


Of course now it's put into question which years he took steroids, we know for a fact he did in 98 when he broke the record, and we can only assume he also did in 99 following his magical year. Did he use them sporadically, or did he use them for 10 years in a row? 


McGwire has also stated that they didn't increase his performance, he only took them to recover from injury. Ya I'm sorry Mark, both of those statements are false. Steroids are scientifically proven to increase your abilities, that's why they are illegal!

Secondly, how are we to believe that you only took them to recover from injury. If that were true you wouldn't feel the need to come out and state you cheated. Because once recovered you would stop taking them.


Now McGwire's brother has come out and admitted that he helped him creating a doping routine, and contradicts Mark in stating he knew it was developing pure muscle. He also goes on to say that Mark put on 30lbs of lean muscle, how could he not realize that?


I find myself having a hard time believing anything that comes out of Mark's mouth to be honest, especially now that we have his brother to contradict him. People are always willing to forgive when the truth is out, and you admit wrong.

However, don't forget, he lied to Congress and insisted he had never taken performance enhancing drugs. I can still remember the look, sitting there with a little scruff, wearing his glasses and telling congress he never took steroids.


So why should we believe him now when he says only for 10 years on and off, and that it was only to recover from injury? The problem is that we can't believe him just due to the fact that he lied in front of Congress of all places.

Now regardless of whether or not he is telling the truth, and it was only for recovery. The question is out there, does he deserve the hall with this revelation that he took steroids. For me its a resounding NO!


As I showed before, even without the steroids, his entry into the hall was borderline, now having revealed that he did take steroids it has to be a no. His average as it is wasn't that great again as I pointed out. So if it weren't for the steroids helping him hit those home runs, how great would his numbers have been without?

The problem is, since we don't know exactly when he took the steroids we cant get a true answer. If we knew which years he took them, then we could take out those dates, and compile numbers based on those "clean" years. We already know his best statistical year is a fraud, but how many others?


I think after looking at the numbers, and breaking them down, you have to say with the truth out, that he doesn't deserve the hall. Even if you can say forget the steroids we still like his numbers, he disgraced the game by cheating.

When you cheat to get an edge, that's disgracing the game, and you don't deserve to be in a place where all the greats before you are. I'm sorry Mark, you don't deserve the hall, and I hope you never get in, at least as a player!