Will The Eagles Finally Get Over The Hump In 2010?

Curt KolpCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2010

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 06:  Quarterback Donovan McNabb #5 and Leonard Weaver #43 of the Philadelphia Eagles against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on December 6, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Rewind the clock back to last year at this time- Many Eagle fans were ecstatic with the signing of Jason Peters, Stacy Andrews, and Leonard Weaver.  Many Eagle fans were also very upset with the front office for not signing fan favorite and future Hall of Fame Safety Brian Dawkins.

Ok, now back to present day...The birds still need a safety to fill B-Dawk's shoes and still have questions about the health of the prized lineman that they signed. 

At the beginning of free agency, the buzz surrounding the Eagles was to go out and sign a top-notch Defensive End to help out Pro-Bowl DE Trent Cole.  Julius Peppers was mentioned...signed with the Chicago Bears.  Kyle Vanden Bosh was mentioned..signed with the Detriot Lions.  Aaron Kampman was also mentioned..signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Seems like the front office has failed again, huh?  Not so fast!!!!  Yes they need to go get some help for Trent Cole, but Peppers wanted big-time money.  Vanden Bosh would have been nice but Vanden Bosh was locked up before free agency really started.  And Kampman was coming of a season where he tore ligaments in his knee so he was a major risk. 

They made some key re-signings such as giving Weaver a three year deal, and also giving Jason Avant a five year deal.  It may not seem like much, but both are big pieces to this offense.

The birds will address the safety spot in the draft, possibly Taylor Mays out of USC or Eric Berry out of Tennessee (if he slides down to us).  They could also go after a Defensive End such as Carlos Dunlap or Linebacker Brandon Graham.

With the leader of the defense, Linebacker Stewart Bradley coming back from a knee injury this year, the line backing core should be a little bit more solid...maybe they don't even need to address the line backing core in the first round, allowing them to go get a Safety or a Defensive End.

The Birds window of oppurtunity is certainly closing, with McNabb entering the final year of his contract...so the time is now for our beloved Eagles.  If this team does not win a championship in 2010, Donnie Mac will be gone and we would enter into the Kolb Era...and that means rebuilding.