Denver Broncos 2010 Edition

Benjamin RichardsonContributor IMarch 10, 2010

DENVER - JANUARY 03: Running back Knowshon Moreno #27 of the Denver Broncos finds room past Ron Edwards #95 and the defense of the Kansas City Chiefs for a second quarter touchdown during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on January 3, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos are in what we would like to call a transition period. Although big names like Tony Sheffler have been on the block very few offers have surfaced for the talented TE of the Denver Broncos. Add on to that the fact that the likes of Peyton Hillis and Denver has a very deep free agent list. Yet still very few offers have surfaced for the agents Denver houses. So from this point forth we have to look at the Denver Broncos having the likes of such marquee players for the 2010 year.

With recent aquisitions of the D-line Denver looks to be heading into the new season with a secure front line. The secondary was the defenses strength last year and this year Denvers D may suprise the collective whole with the ability to stop runs as well. with that said the Broncos still have a few area's that they need to draft to bring the team into contention for a title.

The most glaring need is the depth of the D-line. Sure Green, Williams, and Bannan make for some stout line men. They cannot be expected to carry the loads of thier positions all year. Denver will use later rounds to cover this depth, however they did sign some good players last year like Chris Baker who will still be looking to show he can compete on a professional level. If his talents are put to good use it may free up a draft spot for more offensive weopons like a QB we can depend on for the forseeable future.

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall!!! I am and advocate of B-marsh. The Seattle Seahawks appear to see the value of the kid. Thier fans not so much. We Denver faithful know Brandon can be the best in the NFL. to draft another reciever and pay him what we could pay Marshall is in its own a mystery. However should Seattle decide to part with the #6 pick Denver will be looking to do what most ecperts say not to. Move up to draft a QB.

It is not to crazy to think of Bradford or Clausen in Orange and Blue. McDaniels knows even New England needed that "GUY" who can perform in the tough spots. Orton has proven to be a really good QB. Just not that "GUY" they can depend on to take over when needed and lead a team all the way. Should Denver keep Orton? YES. Should Denver still look for another QB? YES. Is Brandstater capable of taking the healms and leading us to the promise land? that is still to be determined at this point.

With the hiring of the new D-line Dummerville should prosper and have an even better year tha last. Also we will see that runs away from Dooms side will now meet much more resistance leaving teams to take it to the air for points. Denver is made for Defense now. How crazy is that? Champ will be ginven the 13 mill he is owed and why not. after Cutler and Marshall have gone he is the face of the Broncos. cant lose everyone right?

The thought here is simple. The Broncos are in a position to be a more dominant force this year in just a few short days of free agency.

My favorite player Knowshon Moreno should be more effective with a new line and blocking scheme. give the kid the ball and let him run. He has shown in college and certain parts of his early pro career that he has Barry Sanders like ability. Yeah you read that right. We should see the 1st thousand yard  season and that in its own should also give Orton a better year than last.

All in all the Broncos are looking to improve on the year that was full of excitment and heart break. for the coaches first year though an 8-8 finish was not too bad. The draft is around the corner Im sure I'll write another 2010 edition after that.

If your a Denver Broncos fan next year is looking good. Does this mean we are the best in the west. No. However we are closer than we were last year and still we did pretty darn good.

Predicion is simple and from a fans perspective. 10-6.

Now its up to McD and the gang to make it happen. So far. So good.


sorry for any errors. Spell check doesnt work at my job. figures. Thanks for putting up with it.