Say It Ain't So Joe (Louis Arena)

Davis HayesContributor IMarch 10, 2010

In a city used to crime, there is a blatant attempted murder in the process by the management of the Detroit Red Wings. The victim? 


The Wings are working on a deal that would take them out of their home arena for the past 30 years, The Joe, and put them an hour north in the Palace of Auburn Hills.

 No longer would it be hockeytown, it would become lattetown. Leaving the blue collar roots of the Joe to a glittery sports entertainment complex would be a greedy move by a team whose base of support is the gritty fans that they would be abandoning.

A move like this would completely decimate the loyal fan base established in such downriver locales as Melvindale, Lincoln Park and Wyandotte, just to name a few. A drive to see the Wings is quite manageable from these areas when the team is playing downtown, just jump on I-94 and your there in minutes. But a drive to the Palace?


It takes 5 days to get to the Palace and about a week to navigate out of the parking lot and into civilization again. The arena is surrounded by nothing. At all. Nada.

You want to get food before the game?

Forget it, not around the Palace.

How about drinks?

How about you get gouged at the B-dubs across the street. Its ridiculous.

With the Wings downtown, its a win-win situation. The city itself profits from the money spent not only at the Joe, but at the surrounding bars/restaurants.

The downtown area is always buzzing when the home teams are in action. Is there anything better than catching a Tigers afternoon game, hitting up Chelis afterwards, and ending it with a little Red Wings action later in the evening?

All without getting in your car.

If you take the Wings away from Detroit, you are putting the final nail in the already 6-feet under casket that is the Motor City.