I Am Going to DEFEND Carl Edwards AND His Actions.

Sonja HallContributor IMarch 8, 2010

This is my first article written for the bleacher report. & I am sorry that it has to be on defending my favorite NASCAR driver. 


  • Carl Edwards has been my favorite NASCAR driver since the summer of 2006.


I watched the Colbalt Tools 500 on Sunday just like every other NASCAR fan. & I have to admit I was very angry when I saw the contact between Carl Edwards at the beginning of the race, at what, like lap 48 or something. The fact of the matter is, that it was very early in the race, & racing that close so early seems like a little crazy, but hey, position early can be important. Personally, I felt that Brad was not giving Carl enough room, but hey, has he ever. (look at their record together) I was extremely disappointed when I saw that Carl was out of the car & would not be coming back on the racetrack for a while, if at all. 

After Carl was off the track sitting in 40th place, I was a little disgusted, so I preceded to watch a movie. I turned the race back on afterward, with about 5 laps until the accident. 

When I saw that Carl had wrecked Brad on purpose, I really couldn't believe it at first, he's my favorite driver though so I defended him. Carl was angry, so he wrecked Brad Keselowski. 

Whether you are a new fan or you have loved NASCAR forever, you should know that NASCAR drivers bump & grind into each other, all the time. This sport was made on doing that. The greats like Dale Earnhardt & Darrell Waltrip did this during their career. I hope that if you have lost respect for Carl Edwards you relalize these certain facts with your reasoning. Why during every race this season they have a commercial with old Darrell Waltrip showing him racing very hard with somebody, the commercial says they're turning them loose. Every NASCAR fan asked for the drivers to be able to really race, then when it happens everybody is in outrage. 

In closing, I agree wholeheartedly that Carl should be punished. What he did was not right. But people saying that he deserves a whole month parked or not to be able to race again are being a little absurd. I think, & this is just me thinking, that yall are only seeing the car flip, if the car had just spun into the infield or wall, like Carl had expected, would you feel the same way, or would you just call it racing. What happened after Carl made contact was purely by chance, & he has said he wish it would have turned out different. 

Before you judge make sure your eyes are open wide & look at all the facts. I'd like it if maybe I could have well written educated comments on people's opinion on what I wrote. & please Carl Edwards is my favorite racecar driver, & no matter what, I still look up to him, don't say that he is a sociopath & a loser & a jerk because heat of the moment those sound correct to you, but in all t