Criss Angel Guest Host On Monday Night Raw

Joel GarciaContributor IIMarch 8, 2010

As you all know famous magician/illusionist Criss Angel (who is well known from his live shows and his TV show Mindfreak) will be on Raw this week and for me personally he is one of the guest hosts I have been looking forward to.

I want the WWE to collaborate with Criss Angel something spectacular, something amazing that will blow your socks off. I want to remember him as one of the great guest hosts like Shaq.

When Shaq was in the ring with the Big Show it got me all pumped up, the adrenaline was pumping inside of me and I knew this was gonna be big. Then it happened Shaq literally shoved the Big Show out of the ring and to me I wanted a match to happen.

But enough about that, I want to feel the same way I did when Shaq and Show were in the ring.

Criss needs to do something BIG that will leave an imprint on your mind. I don't want Criss to be another crap guest host like Cheech & Chong (no offence), Timbaland (who lets face it was there just to promote his album) and other bland and boring guest hosts.

He already knows how to entertain a crowd he is a master at that. The WWE better not stuff up an opportunity like that. If they want the ratings to do better than another wrestling brand whose name shall not be mentioned but you all know what that is they better use Criss to their full potential and not just make him another bland, boring guest host. 

The magic tricks I would like to see from Criss would be a random crowd member and WWE Superstar or Diva participate in something BIG, backstage Criss could do well known tricks (or perhaps yet to be shown tricks) like card tricks, coin tricks, levitation etc. (You could leave your suggestions below and let me know what tricks Criss should do or would like to see).

So PLEASE WWE DON'T STUFF UP THIS OPPORTUNITY!!! Not only can you beat the other wrestling brand in the ratings and also rake in the $$$ (as Vince McMahon sees it) but also leave an imprint in our minds

Please note: This is my first article I have posted, but anyway feel free to leave your posts and comments whether they are positive or negative, good or bad it doesn't matter to me. Stuff you would like Criss to perform or would hope to see (like mentioned before).

Peace, All :D