King Henrik and Glen Sather

Kenth AstromContributor IMarch 8, 2010


Ok, another overtime loss for the Blueshirts. Or should we say "another loss for the Rangers"?

 Because it's either way, they play like lions in regulation, do everything right and lose. Or they tie it late in the game goto overtime and/or shotouts - either way they lose. 

Ryan Miller is a world class goalie which has been more than well proven through the recent Olympic tournament. He played extremely well tonight..

From a Rangers perspective the beginning of this season looked very good. We got rid of Gomez an overpaid Naslund and a Blair Betts that played occationally brilliant but average at best.

All of a sudden the tired ole' Rangers seemed to have its offence back in the name of Marian Gaborik supported by a newly awaken Brandon Dubinsky and to some extent a new born Chris Drury.

What's wrong here?

Well, for to start with, all the names above - with the exception for Ryan Miller and Mr. Dubinsky - are pretty much over the hill. Over the hill maybe not from an age perspective but from a 'has been' point of view.

The New York fans are screwing themselves again. When you don't have time and / or patience to 'grow' a team from juniors, through the smaller championships like AHL and really take your time to grow talent, this is what happens - you have to buy your way to fame and success. It has worked for the Jets and the Giants, so why not for the Rangers?

Well, watching tonights game and another loss, it is not only clear that the passion is not there, but there is an evident lack of leadership. In watching a lot of the Olympics closely there was a particular comment that stuck in my mind .."look how hard Callahan and Drury plays when they're on a team they really care about"...

Long story short - and we can line up stats here all night long - but John Tortorella has to go, I am sorry to say. It is either that or Glen Sather will have to give the fairly high paid "King" Henrik Lundqvist a chance to be a winner. And that will have to be on another team, because this one can neither score nor defend in front of their own net.

I am not an expert in how to build a winning team but I know a few things about how to foster winners and instill the thinking of successful professionals. It is all in the head, your attitude and your thinking.

So why is this when Mr. Tortorella has got such an impressive curriculum vitae as a feared right winger and later (much later) as the winning coach of the Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay in 2004?

No idea, but he is wrong for the Rangers.

Tom Renney was dismissed mainly not because he was a bad coach or because lack of results. He was let go because it was a concern that the players i.e. "the fat cats of Broadway" had more or less tuned him out.

With the surprise of the appointment of Mr. Tortorella (strange are the ways of God / Glen Sather) for this season not only were there a few eyebrows raised, but also a breath of fresh air coming into the circular building at Penn Plaza.

Rangers all of a sudden had offence!

And with that offence and a world class golie in the back, how could anything go wrong? The way was paved to another Stanley Cup, the second and well overdue one after the 1994

Here is the long and shorts of it Mr. Glen Cameron "Slats"; I think you will have to take a step back and think long and hard about this season. As it looks right now (03/07) chances are pretty good you are going to miss the playoffs.

First step would be to releive "King Henrik" of his contract and let him go somewhere where he can win the 'Cup' he so sadly / badly deserves. Secondly Rozival has outlived his 'best before' date and needs to be put out of his misery. Chris Drury has a lot of hockey still in him but I am not so sure that is on the Rangers. The guy is a genius and a power house but Mr. Tortorella have managed to turn him into a janitor at best and a fourth line whipping boy at worst.  

So am I done dreaming now? Because unless you "Slats" can contract a real coach for this team, none of this is going to happen.

You know...what is worse? A 'thinking' coach as Tom Renney or a yelling one as 'Torts'? Yelling works for a while but never in the long run. Thinking takes you very far but is useless unless turned into action.

Either way, no matter what talent you have on the bench, they are going to tune the coach out sooner or later. This is the problem.

With that, we can conclude that coaching the great New York Rangers is a challange out of the ordinary, and as a matter of fact one of the reasons why 'Torts' Tortorella took the job.

But with this record and the standings right now, there are two (2) things that ring in my and I am sure many other fans ears:

One; Let King Henrik lose of his contract so he can become the winner he really is. Let him go to a team that can win.

Two; The comment from the Olympics: "Look how passionate Callahan and Drury are when they play on a team they really care about"

With this I am afraid I am questioning the entire leadership of the (once so great) New York Rangers ... but then again maybe that's what has to happen.

Because no show on Broadway has been patient enough to wait for an encore since 1994..









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