NFL NBA Lockout Explained. Finally!

Christopher DavisContributor IMarch 6, 2010

As some may know, some also don't. We are getting very close to having "Work Stoppages" in both the NFL, and the NBA. I'm going to try to explain the best I can with different factors I've looked into.
The NFL is having problems trying to make a new Collective Bargaining Agreement(CBA). The old one ends in march 2011. See, the 2006 CBA increased the salary cap from $85.5 million per team in 2005 to $123 million per team in 2009.
The salary cap requires teams to spend at least $86.4 million in salaries, which smaller market teams don't like. The NFL makes most of its money from TV contracts, which makes these smaller market teams feel disadvantaged.
Revenue differences between big and small market teams are big enough that the state of Louisiana had to pay over $186 mill to bailout the Saints, and keep them in New Orleans.
In '06 the CBA was supposed to go into the 2012 season, with the option that the NFL and NFL Players Association can shorten it. Last May the owners unanimously voted to opt out after 2010. So this upcoming season will be uncapped, the first since '93.
Don't be to happy though, there are a lot of restrictions on free agents still, so teams will still find it hard to "buy" a Super Bowl. Hopefully they can all figure this whole mess out and play some football in 2011. But it seems more and more imminent.
The NBA is also very close to the same in the 2010-11 season, which is when their CBA expires.
The NBA's situation is a little different though. The main problem with the NBA’s CBA, Is that it allows NBA managers to give too much money over too many years to mid-level players. This results in a common problem: labor cost growth which exceeds revenue growth.
The NBA gives out to many guaranteed contracts to players that have not preformed good, or in some cases even played at all. In the mist of all this going on the number of bad contracts have been declining slowly because the NBA GM's are getting a little more aware of it.

So with all I tried to explain, I hope this clears it up some. All we can do is hope it all doesn't last very long, but I'm sure it will all happened. I cited Brian Karpuk a lot of NewsBurglar on this subject to get all the facts straight. One more thing, be ready to watch a lot of United Football League this year guys.