NCAA Tournament Expansion: The Thought of It Really Bursts My Bubble!

Rob BoscoContributor IMarch 6, 2010

I absolutely HATE this expansion talk! I know today's society (especially TV networks) are all about the money, but what the NCAA Basketball tournament should be about is the fans!

We all love how the bracket looks right now. When they extended it to 65 teams, most of us were mad, but it didn't ruin the complete structure of the tournament.

Can you imagine what a 96 team bracket would look like? It will probably be more than just the original one page, or the font would be too small to read the team names. I mean, it's a disaster in the making.

Also, who wants to see such BAD teams in the tournament? Just think about this: Today, Joe Lunardi of ESPN said that if the field were 96, two of the last four teams in would be Arizona and UNC (both of whom have had ugly seasons, non-deserving of bids). Expanding the field would not make the competition level go up at all, it would only make for round one and two upsets, causing round three and four blow outs!

I just don't see the point of ruining the most perfect thing in sports. If they add those extra teams, yes, that would mean more games. But that means adding more days. And personally, I can't take any more vacation days than I already do now to get the first Thursday and Friday of the tourney off.

I am pretty sure that most of America would agree with me on that; when the NCAA talks about expanding, they are talking about a possible Tuesday through Sunday run of games for the first week. Those days would have the better games, since the first weekend would be seeds 33-96 playing! What a horrible, almost impossible to watch, experience that would be.

I know it's about money, but if they start messing with something that is as close to perfect in sports as can be, what happens if they ruin it? What happens if people STOP watching and they start losing money! Then what?

After a contract signed for 10+ years (which is the rumor) they wouldn't be able to do much else besides waiting those 10 years out.

How about letting AMERICA vote! Let us tell these companies what we want! If they want to extend the tournament, then go to 68 teams with four play-in games, to get three more bubble teams in, and that's it! Nothing more.

GOD I beg of you, let this whole expansion talk fall through. Keep this beautiful tourney as it is!