Thoughts On This Year's Hall Of Fame Inductees

John PaprikaContributor IMarch 4, 2010

So far in the lead up to this year's Wrestlemania we have seen some of the people who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2010. They include Ted Dibiase, Antonio Inoki, Wendi Richter and 'Mad Dog' Vachon. To be honest, I haven't really been excited by the announced inductees, apart from Ted Dibiase. While Inoki is one of the most accomplished wrestlers of all time and won the WWF title, he wasn't officially ever apart of the WWF.

With all due respect to these inductees, I feel that over the past couple of years the WWE is struggling to find more worthy people to induct into the Hall of Fame. There has been a common trend to induct people who have achieved most of their success outside of the WWE and had either no or limited success in the WWF/WWE, i.e. Bill Watts and Dusty Rhodes, as well as others who have been employed in the past but haven't achieved much in terms of accomplishments.

I feel that this trend will continue for years to come, largely due to the large number of people that they choose to induct per year. What I would've done, which by no means am I saying is the correct way, when coming up with the concept of the Hall of Fame would've been to introduce a cap on the number of people allowed to be inducted each year. When the Hall of Fame was brought back in 2004, we saw more than 10 people inducted for the year. Ideally I believe that 5 inductions per year would be sufficient plus 1 extra induction for a stable, tag team or family. That way each year we would look more forward to inductions and it keeps it fresh.

In addition to the cap, I would also have two levels of inductions. The 1st being regular induction and the other elevation to legend status. The legend status would be for people already inducted, that way inductees can be ranked and distinguished. Ideally I would have 1 legend elevation per year or every two years. Also, I believe that there should also be a rule that only between 10-20% of inductees should have legend status, adding to the prestige.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to leave comments regarding this. I welcome all comments, where they are positive or negative.