Monday's Moron: Alex Rodriguez's Sticky Relationship

Gage ArnoldCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2008

What a mess. While this could be used to describe the Atlanta Braves' pitching staff, it is being used to describe what horrific relationship problems Alex Rodriguez is currently enduring through.

Now he's rumored to be dating Madonna (although she's denied it), which I just find humorous, but I also find several problems with it:

1. Why are you doing this now? Right in the middle of the season. Granted the Yankees seem to be on the outside looking in on the playoff picture, but then again, the Yankees are never out of it.

2. Why Madonna? I mean your Alex Rodriguez, you could basically have anyone you want. Elisha Cuthbert? Jessica Alba? Heck, you could probably even steal Eva from Tony Parker. I just don't get it Alex.

3. What was wrong with Cynthia? I mean she posed in Sports Illustrated along with you, and I would add that most think you did a good job with getting her. So why go after Madonna? Ah stupid celebrities, people I will never understand.

So with this whole "deal," what is the end result for A-Rod?

Well, he most likely will go out and play this off as nothing, but how will he deal with having this problem come up multiple times a day from the press?

He doesn't always want to have to answer questions about how his divorce is going and why it happened, and what he plans on doing next in his love life. It gets old, and this eventually will start eating at him.

He still will have to go through with the divorce also, and that won't make it any easier on him either with his wife nit-picking him over every little thing, and while all this is going on, he still needs to be the Leader of the Yankees and step up and produce at an upstoppable rate.

I see that being way too much for him to handle in the end and I really don't see him having a HUGE and AMAZING finish to this year because of this.

A person can handle only so much stress, and just from the looks of it, he will be under a great deal of that. Hopefully he gets it worked out, but this doesn't look to go down easily.