UConn Women's Streak Reaches 69; Meatheads Rejoice

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IMarch 2, 2010

All across the country, fists were pumping, hands were being slapped and meatheads were giggling on Monday night as the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team saw their streak of consecutive games won reach 69.


With their 76-51 victory over #6 Notre Dame, the Huskies are officially one short of matching their own record for consecutive wins set between 2001-2003 and, in the process, landed on a number that maintains significance to a certain collection of men who, despite having no interest in women’s college sports, enjoy a special relationship with the number 69 due to its perverse sexual connotations. 

taurasi“I remember when we won our 69th in a row,” said Diana Taurasi, a member of the 2003 Huskies team. “Guys were totally creeping us out with the signs they came up with at the arena.  If I would have known it would have been that weird, I would have convinced the rest of the team to snap the streak at 68.”

Coach Geno Auriemma was also the head coach of the previous team to reach this number, which ultimately holds the record streak of 70.  As a result of his involvement with both teams, Auriemma has now been elevated to legendary status amongst frat houses on the UConn campus.

“Geno pulled off a 69 with not one but two teams of chicks, bro,” said student Ronnie Ward, who performed the interview shirtless despite frigid temperatures in Connecticut. “That guy is mad pimp.”  Ward then followed his statements by flawlessly executing an exploding fist bump with his nearby frat brother. 

While morale is high currently, meatheads will only be able to enjoy talk of a team full of women having direct association with number 69 for a few short days as UConn is poised to either break the record or snap their streak on Sunday.

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