Ref/Judges Decision: The Killer Of MMA

CJ DacontaCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2008

Ref decision or judges decisions are the main problem for all sports that are not determined by set scores.  Where the decision of points is based on judges and out of the hands of the competitors.

In sports with goals, like soccer or football, the athletes have a clear and defined way to get a point, either the ball is in the scoring region or not.  

Sports like MMA or Taekwondo, one judge may see one thing, but another might not and thus points are not awarded or are awarded for faulty decisions.

This problem is seen in almost all combative sports, especially in MMA.  MMA has a huge problem with its scoring system, especially with its ground rules.  Here is a perfect example.

How do you score someone who is attempting many submissions from the bottom, but never gets any and the top guy stays in the top position and gets in some hits?

Does this mean that the guy on top still scores higher? What if that guy on top does not get any hits but stays on top, does he still score higher?  There is no clear answer to this problem, and this is why it is always said, "Never let it go to judges decision."

Refs in MMA have the same problem.

There is always that thought, "When should a fight/decision be called in the refs eyes?"  Like in the fight with Lytle, shouldLavigne have stepped in and stopped that fight since Lytle looked like a cool aid  fountain, or was it justified for him to continue?

(it should have continued, cuts should never be a problem personally)

I believe that one day, judging in such events will become error free, most likely because of better technology.  Taekwondo is taking major steps in that region and making all of their scoring done by automated chest gear.

I don't know what it will take for this to happen in MMA, but it pains me to see a fight that goes to the decision that is extremely controversial and leaves everyone screaming "What the??"