John Cena Was Screwed Over, but Will Get Revenge on Batista at WM26

lee raydeanCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2010

Monday Night RAW was hopping last night. It was really worth watching. There was a lot going on inside and around the WWE.

We'll start with John Cena, who came out to the ring, mad as hell and wanted to use his rematch clause. In the end, though, he had the belt for only a few minutes.

At EC Sunday Night, John had won the belt and we were all happy. That was short lived, for you see, Mr. McMahon came out and said to Cena that he would be champion only if he could beat...and then Batista came out.

Cena was in a world of pain and was exhausted, but fought anyways. Batista speared John, then gave him the Batista Bomb and then won the belt. Now if that isn't a screw job, then I don't know what the hell is.

The thing that is maddening to me is that it all this occurred because Cena was trying to help Bret Hart. As you recall, McMahon screwed Hart over more than once. Hart came to the WWE after 12 years to get closure. He reconciled with Shawn Michaels.

McMahon denied Bret that chance. He hates him and just wanted to humiliate Hart even more, and that's exactly what he did.

When Cena called Vinnie out, McMahon wasn't happy. John read him the riot act. Since then, Vince has been burning John every chance he gets. That's how Batista became champion.

Cena didn't even have a chance to celebrate before the evil, ass-kissing monster went and took the belt. John was left in a heaping wreck.

On RAW when John came out, outraged over the screw job handed down by McMahon, Vince also came out to gloat that his BOY got the job done by eliminating Bret Hart, at least for now.

His prize in return was that he could challenge any champion for their belt, whenever he wanted to. McMahon was clearly happy to boast about that on national TV. All Cena wanted was to cash in on his clause to fight against the new champion.

At first McMahon said no, because Sheamus held the belt before John regained it for those few short moments. Vince then told John that if he could beat Batista on RAW that he could challenge the animal at WM26.

When it was time for their match, John was ready even though he wasn't 100 percent. Batista being the jackass that he has become, wouldn't let John touch him, but instead, kicked Cena in "where the sun doesn't shine." He got DQ and now will fight Cena at WM26.

That wasn't the end of it though. While Cena laid withering in pain in the ring, Batista thought it would be fun to take John apart. That's exactly what he did.

In 33 days, we will see who keeps the belt or if it changes hands. John has a lot of heat to get off of his chest. A lot of retribution to get and in my opinion, he will get it.