Does Championships Determine Your Greatness?

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Does Championships Determine Your Greatness?
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This question will be up for debate for along time. "Does a championship decide who is the greatest NBA Player to ever play the Game?"

Some say Kareem, Wilt Chamberlon, Michael Jordan, Shaq, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Jerry West, and etc.  The list can go on.  We can all agree the names listed above they all won championships.  

The obvious answer would be who won the most championships in the group, you would have to say Michael Jordan right?  Well if the number of Championships dictates the greatest player to ever play, than Robert Horry will be the greatest player ever because he has more championship rings than any of these players listed.

In me saying this I don't think Championships dictate or should it dictate whether you are the greatest player, I think it helps and it is a plus.

Can you honestly say Michael Jordan did everything he did with all his stats, but finished his career and never won a championship you wouldn't call him one of the best or the best?  It is hard for me to believe that, because to win a championship, the last time I remember there are 4 other players on the court including the bench.  Basketball is not a individual sport like golf, so to dictate once again who is the greatest Basketball Player ever has to  be measured by what he did on the court not how many Championships he won.

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