Matt Hardy Video Blogging

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2010

Matt Hardy really is a sucker for the Internet, isn't he? He cried about how Lita cheated on him with Edge online and got fired. That didn't stop him from bitching, though, oh no. Around this time, he created "The Hardy Show." Basically, the Hardy Show is like the show, "Jackass," but with a shoot like atmosphere to it as well as things that WWE would definitely not approve of. People wonder why Matt isn't pushed and yeah, it might be because his brother, but I view some of the reason is because of this junk. This was one of his ways to attack Lita and Edge for what they did and sure, because of the fans response for his show, which had his brother, Jeff, Shannon Moore, and others, he got his job back with the WWE. But when you video diary dissing the company and hanging out with guys from different companies, it will come back to bite you in the ass.

Now, Matt Hardy has embraced youtube after years of the website being around and is giving his fans a video diary of his day. And in this clip, he talks about NXT, ECW, his NXT partner, and of course, the plug in for Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore:

I agree with his comments about ECW. It's a valid point that many people in the business agree upon, but one also must remember, ECW did give Matt Hardy his biggest success in the business, the ECW Championship.

As for his comments about Justin Gabriel (Angel), I wonder who has been telling him that guy is the FCW version of AJ Styles. I haven't heard much about Justin Angel and one would think, with the hype of being like AJ Styles, the man would be talked about quite a bit. Maybe it's just me?

Nice plug for NXT, but I doubt he'd be plugging it had he not been on the show. At least he gives the Miz a nice shout out and I do agree, this matchup is going to be entertaining. Lots of people have whined about Miz being with the American Dragon, but if it brings in the ratings, that's all that matters.

Now we bring up Jeff Hardy, aka...the Root Hand? Boy, is this guy strange. To each their own, though. But the overhype machine is in affect. Billions of autographs, Jeff? We know you are popular, but without the WWE pimping you out, you are nothing. And I'll touch on that very soon.

Jeff talks about a return to the ring, maybe on WWE NXT? Shannon Moore really needs to be on this show, but that's just my own personal opinion. As for Jeff, you were never trained, brother. You are a great stuntman, as Ric Flair would say, but when it comes down to wrestling, you just don't have it. The first step of training, Jeff, would be to get off the drugs.

Next up is being in TNA to rock with Hulk. It seems the cat is out of the bag on this one as reports from Hogan and others say Jeff is coming to TNA. No doubt Jeff knows he will not get any jail time as he continues to pimp himself out to the online world. If he was at all worried about serving time, he wouldn't be having these appearances and making little video diaries with his brother. My guess is, that search that the police did was not authorized, thus, Jeff gets away clean. The joy of living in a country where the police have to jump through a few hoops just to protect a man's rights.

Lastly, and this is why I said without WWE's backing, Jeff Hardy is nothing, he talks about going to Ring of Honor. Matt even adds a little word bubble stating it was a joke from the hilarious one night Jeff was in the company. When Jeff had a match in ROH, the fans let him have it. They told him he couldn't wrestle, to get the F out, that they want his brother, Matt, and just heckled him throughout the show. You talk about the ECW crowd giving John Cena hell, this might have been worse. Wrestling fans know Jeff Hardy cannot wrestle and thus, the true fans, not the little kids and the women, told Jeff exactly how they felt. And sure, it might be funny now seeing that Jeff finally got the World Title and fat checks, but I bet Jeff wasn't laughing when he was there that night.

Continue to pander to the masses, Hardy Boyz. Sooner rather than later, the appeal will die. You are only getting older, the chicks aren't going to be into you, the kids aren't going to like you as they focus on a new guy that can risk their body as your body breaks down, and when Vince is done with you, knowing you got no more charm, what will you do? Will we see the Hardy Boyz in high school gyms with Matt taping the experience? Stay tuned, fans, stay tuned....