Food For Thought, WEC Pay Per View Is a Half Baked Idea!

jason hughesCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2010

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  I hate to blow my money.  Yet when I see a good fight card it all goes out of the window and usually with no known reason, I must see the fights, they control  me!

   But I am still at war with my brain on the upcoming WEC pay per view card, the first such card in the operation of baby Zuffa. And here is my gripe!

   The WEC is still a work in progress to me, many would and will argue that the company is running like a fine swiss watch and that it has never wandered from the goals that made it the steady reliable  organization that it is today.

   That is a fair progress report, the WEC is getting an A in class right now.

   However, they are about to put on the first PPV in company history and I just cannot feel anything if not a little slighted. See to me a company, MMA at least, should have all the weight classes covered, having a bantam and featherweight class does not make up for the for the fact that there are no heavyweight fights coming anytime soon to the WEC.

   Maybe the top announcer and world class heavyweight fighter Frank Mir  could step up and give the WEC fans a heavyweight fight on the card along side Faber and Aldo, but that would be a very hard fight just because the cage is extremely smaller than the one used by the UFC and I am not sure if two giants could even fit inside a WEC cage?

   The one thing that made this organization stand out from it's big brother was the fact that they, on paper anyway could produce more and better fights with a larger pool of fighters on the smaller end of the fighting spectrum. Now that they are going for the wallet, it just seems that I am only getting half of what I would normally pay for, that is if this is going to be the trend from here on out.

  Don't get me wrong,  125,135, and 145 pound fights are still exiting fights but I personally want a little meat with my potatos, and if I cant get my plate full, then I just will have to wish the WEC the best of luck , but I will not be supporting these semi-loaded fightcards with my credit card anymore.