Has Bret Hart Sold Out Once and For All?

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IIMarch 12, 2017

Since RAW on President's Day, there has been an out lash in The Internet Wrestling Community over the angle involving Bret Hart and a minor car collision.  Certain people have been accusing Bret of selling out.  Although this is far from selling out, allow me to ask you a simple question...what successful professional wrestler has never "sold out?"

In Bret's book, "My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Professional Wrestling", he criticized WCW for putting him in ridiculous stunt angles that involved speeding away in an automobile.  That was one thing...this is something completely different. 

The criticism of the angle that gets me the most is that people are claiming that Bret Hart has disrespected Owen Hart's legacy by participating in a stunt on RAW. 

I just want everyone to calm down a minute and think before throwing insults in Bret's direction.

I have been defending this topic on The Wrestling Roundtable Forum (www.wrestlingroundtable.com) for a couple of days now and have been amazed at the uproar that this angle has caused.  Does anyone really think for one second that Bret did not sit down and map out each and every part of this angle?  I think Bret has more control over what happens than people are giving him credit for.

First of all, what happened on RAW was far from a "stunt."  This car that backed into Bret's limo was about 3 feet away and there is a very small chance that Bret's leg, head, back, or any part of his anatomy would be injured. 

Secondly, what the hell does this have to do with the tragic death of Bret's brother, Owen?  Absolutely nothing!  If anything, Bret is going back and burying the hatchet in honor of Owen.  There is a Hart Foundation DVD in the works and there will be plenty of Owen footage on that.  Their father, Stu, is rumored to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.  And you can rest assured that Bret will be getting a pretty paycheck for his involvement in Wrestlemania.  So, it seems worth it to me.

And please don't say that Bret is a hypocrite.  If coming back to put a final end to "The Montreal Screwjob" and giving a proper goodbye to his fans will help put closure to Bret's career, then so be it.  This is a smart business move for all parties involved and is truly a win-win situation for everyone...including us, the fans. 

If anyone wants to make a stink about something that was done on RAW, take a look at the Jerry Springer segment.  Don't point fingers in the direction of Bret Hart's involvement in the show.  This is just a small piece in the big puzzle that is a final match with Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania.  I know that I'll have the 55'' Samsung LED tuned in for that one!