The Curios Case Of Hunter Helmsley

Anand NAIRContributor IFebruary 12, 2010

LAS VEGAS - SEPTEMBER 19:  WWE wrestler Triple H poses in the ring after Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Juan Manuel Marquez in a unanimous decision at the MGM Grand Garden Arena September 19, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Greetings everyone!!!This is my very first article on Bleacher Report. Before I begin, I want everyone reading this to know that I am not a massive fan of HHH but I don't hate him either. Well, I have been reading tons of articles on various forums about HHH and his domination of the WWE scene both on and off screen over the past years. Hence I have decided to write my own take on the situation.

If there is anyone out there who believes that HHH is the influential figure that he is today solely as a result of his relationship with Stephanie McMahon, you are totally out of your mind. Is HHH an influential figure in the WWE solely because of his wrestling skills? Absolutely not! The answer is mid way between, HHH reached the top because of his wrestling skills but he has managed to stay there constantly possibly because of his off screen life.

Triple H is in a unique situation. Being a member of the McMahon family, he will always have a top spot in the company and a place in wrestling history. However, he does use backstage politics to secure his position, a position quite frankly that was already secure. An example can be Scott Steiner in 2002-2003. Triple H was threatened by Steiner's push in the company and wanted Steiner to take a drug test. Steiner would only accept if Triple H took one as well. Then they had a horrible match at the Royal Rumble, where both botched moves. HHH buried Steiner in some media interviews and made him take the whole blame for the match. I am not saying Steiner is right; he simply is a credible source. Another example is Chris Jericho. Triple H has never been big on Jericho and his character. He thinks Jericho is too small and not marketable. When Jericho returned at the end of 2007, Triple H buried him backstage with creative backing. The last example I will give you is that when Smackdown v. Raw 2009 came out last year both Triple H and WWE wanted to make sure he did not look weak in simulations. Although he was on the cover with Shawn Michaels, It was not possible to put his character in certain situations. Therefore, his simulation could not take an RKO, Tombstone or whatever else. I think this was overkill.

Another section of people say that Hunter never ever jobbes down to younger talent when other so called veterans like Jericho,HBK are forced to do so.(Jeff hardy is an exception).I for one disagree with this fact. He has put guys like Cena,Orton etc over. I wouldn’t consider Batista as younger talent as he is older than HHH, but nevertheless Hunter put him over too. Jeff Hardy was pushed when Jericho returned. Coincidence??I think not!!!

Triple H in the late 90 s was an exciting wrestler with great mic skills.His mic skills remain the same to this day but the same cannot be said about his wrestling skills, He's gotten slower and more basic this decade. Breaking out the indian deathlock every few matches doesn't count as technical.His move set is quite limited and comparable to the likes of Cena,MVP etc. I'm no Cena mark, but even he is more entertaining. HHH himself does not put on bad matches, he just doesn't put on good ones either.

Paul Levesque aka HHH has never stayed away from backstage politics and controversy. He was part of the controversial group called “kliq” with friends HBK, Nash,Hall,waltman.Now,there is reportedly a faction which has been nicknamed “hunters boys” that constantly stay in the spotlight for years on.Sheamus is a perfect example on back stage politics and misuse of booking power.

Now with wrestle mania round the corner, another HHH title match seems inevitable.HHH of the last decade was a superior superstar who could call himself the “the game” and get away with it. Now it is nothing but a stale Gimmick!!

I tremendously respect HHH for his work ethic but the question is-isn’t it time for HHH to move away from the spotlight and let help young talent get through. As for his back stage power, it will continue to remain for a very long time .End of the day I feel he is over rated yet a Veteran!!!