The Man, The Myth, The Idiot: Tom Lemming

Drew ThurmanCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2008

Drew Thurman (11:59 am)

It is no secret that Tom Lemming has never been a friend of mine. It is also not a secret that I think Lemming's recruiting ranking are biased and ignorant. With that said, Lemming even shocked me with his latest statement in the Detroit News. He said this about Ohio State's early recruiting success in 2009:

Numbers mean absolutely nothing," Lemming said. "Only the ignorant recruiting fans think that's a big deal. A lot of the great players won't even make their commitments until December and January.The race in recruiting almost always goes to the tortoise, not the hare. People who know recruiting, know what's going on. Michigan, for instance, is having a good year and they could have a great year. People need to be patient."

This has to be one of the most hypocritical statements I have ever read. This is the same man who has jumped on the Notre Dame and Texas bangwagons for there early success in recent years. If numbers do not mean anything, why have the SEC and ACC teams been ranked so high when they bring 30 plus recruits in a year? Why did Lemming jump on Miami and Alabama's bandwagon in 2008 when numbers played a huge factor.

I am not saying numbers are everything, but I am sick of Lemming's bias. If this was Notre Dame with 23 commitments, Lemming would be shouting more praise. I just do not understand his hatred towards Ohio State? Even more importantly, why so much love for Michigan in this article? Tressel and his staff do deserve some praise for the guys the have assembled so far. Sure there is a lot of recruiting to do, but Ohio State's class is very solid. In fact Ohio State has dominated Michigan in the players that they have both sought after. Why isn't Lemming talking about that?

So, I guess I just will never understand how Lemming continues to be considered the guru in recruiting that he is. I wish I could show so much bias towards certain teams (*cough* Notre Dame *cough*) as Lemming, and still get paid so much. To me he has continued to show he is not a worthy expert to listen to, and this statement adds to it. It is time for him to start reporting facts instead of just his lousy opinion. Maybe that is why his show is on CSTV and not ESPN!