For Dale Jr.: Now It Begins

Dottie travisCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2010

 Here it is Feb 8th,2010 and the Nascar season is about to get under way Big Time with the Daytona 500 coming up Next Sunday. and i am reading some forums where there all-ready Bashing Junior For what! the season hasnt even began. He did fine in the Shoot-out just because he came in 11th so what, it wasnt a points race Big deal he did fine to me. Just because his last Name is Earnhardt dosnt mean he has to beat and bang everyone and win every race.  Heck his Daddy didnt win every Race either so.

 I have been a fan of Dalejr. for Well over 10+ Years and i am not going anywhere soon. I have been threw his ups and his downs, his good years and his bad years i think to me his worse year was ("2001") that is the year he ("snuggled his way into my heart and has been there ever since") and i am not letting him go anytime soon. and his 2nd worse year was ("2009") he didnt win, his confidence took a Nose Dive his cc was changed. he just couldnt pull it out last year and it wore on him you could see it in his eyes.

Boy the vultures were out then just pecking at him tearing him to bits every chance they had for every doggone reason. so i thought i just thought i would let my feelings exposed here on Bleacher report because i CARE, I care for junior his feelings, I dont care if he is a 99 year old man I will always stand with him and defend him and i refuse to let him be hurt by people who have nothing better to do then to down some one.

So we have the Daytona 500 on Valentines Day Feburary 14h, 2010 and Junior starts on the front row, with teammate Mark martin. I will be Praying for guidance and success for Junior that day. I will be praying that he wins, and I will be praying for juniors Safety because i know what that race track is capable of.

Junior you just go out there and you do the best you can, Have confidence in yourself like i have confidence in you, have faith in your abilities as i have faith in you, you can do this  i will be right there like a guardian angel. and with the grace of god and the love of me and Junior nation Lets have a great race.