Chicago Bears Find the Perfect Offensive Coordinator In Martz

Tyler JuranovichCorrespondent IIIFebruary 7, 2010

MIAMI - DECEMBER 14:  Offensive coordinator Mike Martz of the San Francisco 49ers watches as his team takes on the Miami Dolphins at Dolphin Stadium on December 14, 2008 in Miami, Florida. The Dolphins defeated the 49ers 14-9.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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After a long process that seemed to take forever, the Bears have finally signed a coach to one of their open coaching positions.

Mike Martz will be the new offensive coordinator, and I couldn’t be more happy that the Bears picked him up. Martz is most known for bringing up Kurt Warner into the elite QB we know him as today.

“Even though I’ve never worked with Mike Martz, I’m in favor of the Bears hiring anybody that can get us back on the right track, and hopefully back to a Super Bowl,” Bears tight end Desmond Clark said. “Mike Martz has a great track record, and I’m excited to see how this offense could grow in 2010.”

If the Bears’ offense is going to be successful it has to start with Jay Cutler.

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Martz talked to Cutler last Monday, and we can sense that it went very well. It’s key and very important that Cutler can get used to Martz’s new playbook. The whole offense relies on the QB knowing how to run the offense.

Marshall Faulk, former St. Louis running back the time Martz was their offensive coordinator, commented on the hiring of Martz.

“If you mess up, if you don’t do your job, if you don’t work hard, he’s extremely difficult to deal with,” Faulk said during Tuesday’s Super Bowl media day at Sun Life Stadium. “If you decide to take a day off, you will hate Mike Martz. If you show up for work or for a meeting and you’re not prepared, you will hate him. It’s that simple.”

That quote made me love the signing even more. If Martz can get the Bears players to start working harder we could see a huge improvement. I always thought the players needed a fire lit under them to get them going. Martz seems to be the guy that can do that.

This is great news for the Bears and their fans, spreading some optimism for next season.

The Bears still have coaching openings at the defensive coordinator, Qb, and tight end position.