Keys to the Wolf Den: Are the Minnesota Timberwolves a Team of the Future?

Timber WolfAnalyst IIFebruary 3, 2010

Eleven wins and thirty eight losses, not so bad right?

Maybe the losses have taken the toll on a Wolves fan and writer who expected optimism from a rebuilding squad with quality young talent, despite a new GM, new coaching staff, and a complete new offense and defensive scheme.

Expecting 30 wins from the beginning of the season seems like a fairy tale now, considering the fact that the Wolves were an undefeated team for an hour, and a .500 team for two hours.

But optimism is on the way, because while the Wolves may well experience below mediocrity (least they aren't the Nets), the Wolves are primed to howl next season, and to roar from then on.

Considering the fact that the Wolves have a plethora of first round picks next season (lottery pick, 13 and 23, and a second rounder), a bundle of cap space, and trade-able contracts from this day forward, one cannot laugh at the Wolves for too long.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are one of the most flexible teams in the league as far as young talent and expiring, and it'll more than likely remain that way in the long run. Not to mention that they are possibly the only bottom dweller team that has some true stability.

The New Jersey Nets are moving to Brooklyn, their management and ownership are constantly being questioned, and the coaching staff is unstable due to a lack of a contractual situation and merely wins and losses, and their young talent are all on the chopping block other than Brook Lopez.

The Detroit Pistons are in questions for purchase, the Indiana Pacers currently have a GM that will not budge on making decisions, the Golden State Warriors have star players that can never coincide together, the 76ers and Washington Wizards are currently having a fire sale, and the New York Knicks are depending on "the chosen one," which is HIGHLY unlikely.

Yeah it might now look good for the Wolves on that wins and losses column, but the future is incredibly bright.

This upcoming 2010 NBA draft can make the Wolves into a playoff contender just by the judging of the lottery balls, in which a percentage based off the non playoff teams determine how high the Wolves will draft. If the Wolves draw their own self respected No. 2 pick (for having the second worst record in the league), the Wolves will likely draft Evan Turner, a 6'7'' scorer that defend, blocks shots, rebounds and if he was three inches shorter, would be a true point guard.

But if the Wolves happened to draw the first pick, then they would draft John Wall, in other Derrick Rose 2.0. They would likely then trade Jonny Flynn and Ramon Sessions to teams in desperate need of upcoming promising point guards, more than likely resulting in the Wolves grabbing more first round picks and young prospects.

The Timberwolves also have a bundle of money for cap space, which they will probably use to sign young talent rather than a big free agent, and too ensure that they resign their core players.

The Minnesota Timberwolves draftee Ricky Rubio has stated that Minnesota is his first option when he does come to the NBA, so more likely than not considering the Wolves "luck" (have never moved up in the draft), the Wolves will probably gain the No. 2 pick, and draft Evan Turner, then wait another year to bring Rubio from overseas.

Adding on to the fact that the Wolves have the best rebounding forward in Kevin Love, and the best young post player in Al Jefferson, to go along with defensive stopper Corey Brewer, and their point guard situation, the Wolves are set to become a team of the future.

So laugh while you can, because you have to admit that the Wolves are incredibly poised, while being a laughingstock.