When will Lewis Hamilton return to his usual self? When he goes home maybe?

Alessandro LobalsamoCorrespondent IJune 30, 2008

Written by: BIG-AL

This season is not going exactly the way Lewis Hamilton had hoped. He is doing exceptionally well, but if not for one crash, he would surly be in first. His skill and car are soon to be known for being the best in the world, but before he gets back on track to becoming one of the best in the history of the sport, he must come home and conquer the British Grand Prix.

He will be going into the British Grand Prix in fourth place among the Driver standings. This race means quite a bit to his team and himself, he will be back home in front of the English media, and the high expectations placed on him by the world, especially that from the British Media and populous, will be louder then ever.

He would almost surely like to go back in time and change the outcome of his last two races but if he is to continue on growing into the best, those 2 races were blessings in disguise.

In montreal he was humbled and learned a valuable lesson that he will remember for the rest of his career, that of course carried over to his 10th place finish in France. The responsibilities of his actions sunk in and he will remember the crash in Montreal like it was yesterday for a while, but the true test of his character is now.

Now, when he returns home we will see the real Hamilton, we will see how he rebounds after not completing a race and then not placing. What better place to do it than home, this is the best possible thing for him right now, there is no reason why he wont jump right back on the podium in Britain in a few days.

This race will dictate if he is a true fighter and show his true character in this sport. It is this writers opinion that he will undoubtedly place in the top three, and that debacle in Montreal will hopefully become a distant memory. He is growing up very quickly in this sport what with the endorsements, contracts, and fame, he will have to become more.

He must posses a cool and calm persona, after the accident, he was seen losing his temper. This did show that he is very much human and is very young, but in order for him to succeed, he must remain the cool handed Hamilton we all truly know and love.

In Britain we will see his true talant again, and if he wins, he would certainly move up in the standings, and hopefully be back on track for fulfilling the expectations held by the most important individual, himself.

Written by: BIG-AL