Ted Lilly Vs Barry Zito Revisited

D WizzleSenior Analyst IJune 30, 2008

Here is an article I wrote last year. I figure I would repost it here since Ted Lilly and Barry Zito faced each other tonight.

Below are also the salaries of the two pitchers.

TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2007
Fans disgusted with Zito and Morris is traded to Pirates

Giants fans are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You can hear the boos each time Barry Zito and Matt Morris are on the mound. Every hit and every run they give up and the boos get louder and louder. The fans start looking at each other and shake their heads. I have been a witness to this many times at At&T Park. Fans would come up to me and go on a rant about how Zito is the worst free agent pickup ever in the history of baseball and how Morris should have never been signed. An older gentleman told me that he thinks he could get a single off Zito himself and I do not doubt him. Who is afraid of fastballs clocked at 84? Batters can't wait to bat against Zito. The same goes for Morris. To win in the big leagues, you need either command of your pitches or great velocity.Unfortunately Zito has not shown much command this season and he never had great velocity. Morris has been slightly better than Zito this season but he makes costly mistakes that loses games. A few weeks ago in Chicago, he crossed up catcher Bengie Molina and Molina got hurt. Mental errors like that should not be expected of a veteran like Morris. Fans in San Francisco can somewhat rejoice now that Morris has been traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for outfielder Rajal Davis and a player to be named later.
Pitching Comparison Below

Pitcher    Wins    Losses    ERA
Barry Zito    7    10    5.28
Matt Morris    7    7    4.35
Ted Lilly    11    5    3.60
Carlos Zambrano    14    7    3.47

If you thought Matt Morris's contract was outrageous, how did you feel when Zito signed his $126 million contract in the offseason? Sabean is the worst general manager possibly in baseball. Sabean could have signed Ted Lilly this offseason for considerably less money than he is paying Zito. Lilly was very interested in signing with the Giants and he would have been a great fit for the team. Lilly signed with the Cubs eventually for four years and is having a great season. Lilly's teammate Carlos Zambrano is a free agent after this year and would have been a better investment than Zito. If Zito is really worth $126 million, how much is Zambrano worth? The facts are that Zito is not worth that amount of money and I do not expect Zambrano to get as big a contract as Zito did in the offseason. This will prove once again how idiotic and ludicrous Sabean was to give Zito such a fat contract when other teams like the Mets decided to pass on Zito. With the trading of Matt Morris to the Pirates today, Giants fans have one less player to boo and can concentrate fully on booing the hell out of Zito for the next 7 years.
Salary Comparison

Pitcher    Salary    Years
Barry Zito    $126 million    7
Matt Morris    $27 million    3
Ted Lilly    $40 million    4