Michigan Football Coaches Corner: Coach Shafer's Defense

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IJune 29, 2008

There has been much talk about what Coach Shafer is going to do with the Michigan defense.

What we are sharing with you is what Coach Shafer shared with us at the Michigan Coach's Clinic this spring. Michigan will be a base 4-3 team. The four goals of the defense.

1) Stop the run.

2) Get to the Quarterback and hit the Quarterback in the mouth.

3) Get to the back up Quarterback.

4) Intercept the ball and create turnovers.

In the base 4-3, Michigan will determine the number of defenders in the front by the number of "Bigs" offense has in the game. A Big was defined as a Tight End, Full Back or Running Back. So if offense is in single back formation with Tight End in game that would be 2 "Bigs".

Standard I formation, with Tight End would be 3 "Bigs". If offense has 3 "Bigs' Michigan will play Nine Man front, 2 Defensive Ends, 2 Defensive Tackles, 3 Linebackers, and 2 Corner Backs in press coverage.

If offense has offense has 2 "Bigs' UM will play 8 man front, and with 1 "Big" Michigan will play 7 man front. There are two additional rules to add to "Big" Rules.

1) If offense adds a blocker, Michigan adds a defender. So if offense plays 2 Tight Ends and 2 backs, Michigan will play 10 man front.

2) If they/offense walk, we walk. If Tail Back in I formation walks into slot, Michigan will take defender out of front to cover the slot. In the secondary, the Strong Safety goes to the field safety, and Free Safety is the formation safety. The Corner is goes to the boundary and the Half to the field. Michigan will have a 1 tech Defensive Tackle who plays outside shade on the Offensive Center, and a 3 tech Defensive Tackle who will play outside shade of the other Offensive Guard. This will be called kick away. Which simply means the Defensive Tackles will move 1/2 a man away from the field corner/half. Defensive Ends will play outside shade of Offensive Tackle if there is no Tight End. If there is Tight End, Defensive End will play either head up on Tight End, or inside shade of Tight End depending on if Tight End is lined up to wide side of field or boundary. The Linebackers have a Middle Linebacker lined head up over he Offensive Center. Sam Linebacker who follows Free Safety and Half, and Will Linebacker who follows Strong Safety and Corner Back.

Michigan’s secondary has many adjustments depending on formations and whether formation is into the boundary or to wide side of field. The final rule is whenever you are in trouble check to cover 2.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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