Hunting: Trophy Hunters Killing More Polar Bears Than Global Warming

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst IJune 30, 2008

Sports used to be a world where not just I, but any individual on this earth could relax over a beer and beside a couple of buddies. We all no this no longer exists.

Well, the sit-down-with-a-buddy factor, no, but watching the players run onto the field or court without a scorn or remark, yes. Whether referring to Roger Clemens, Tim Donaghy, or the past of Pac Man Jones, the sports world has lost credibility in my book.

However, the actions of these sports characters have no weight on the ruthless individuals that engage in hunting, or bull fighting, and even those that consider it a sport!

The reason I write about this subject over the Knicks acquiring "The Italian Stallion" over their obvious need for a point guard, or the Euro League is because if you really think about it, and if you're an objective human being… This really matters!

Not saying the "real sports world" isn't important because I love my Knicks. But the survival of these animals that have "no say" in their OWN death and absolutely no way of defending themselves against the technology these scoundrels possess is not justice and should not exist.

Even so, fortunately over a month ago the U.S Fish and Wildlife granted polar bears federal protection from the dreaded trophy hunters. These animals now rest safely in the U.S from the weapons of mass destruction killers possess.

However, this grant is not sitting well with the big game trophy hunter's club, Safari Club International, who is suing the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service to retract polar bear trophy importing. 

But, unfortunately, it is legal to hunt in Canada, and the U.S trophy hunters are now travelling to Canada to hunt down and kill an already endangered species. An astounding number of over nine-hundred polar bear heads and hides have been imported from Canada since 1994. 

Again, 900 heads and hides! And since these massive bears are already dying due to global warming, being hunted is obviously no help and quite unfortunate.

We must do whatever we can to help these animals from reaching extinction. Please, send an email to U.S. and Wildlife Service Director Halls to ban importing polar bear hunting trophies from Canada: